Our Patio/Walkway Project-Hyper Speed!

Our Patio/Walkway Project-Hyper Speed!

Using the Quikrete Walkmaker to add some concrete patio stones. This project will take a few weeks but we have a good start!

Music: Stevie Wonder- Superstition



C. Toles says:

How many bags on quickrete did it take? Thanks

Amanda Odeay says:

its been almost 2 years now. how's it holding up? how big of an area is it and do you remember the type of concrete you used and how much it was? I'm thinking about doing a walk way around the house.

Greg Simpson says:

Do you put anything in the cracks to keep grass/weeds from coming up?

Neo Klyptic says:

wheelbarrow's crooked hehe

big321danger says:

So blurry. Hard to watch. LOL.
Did you do anything to check ground for somewhat level? Or does level ground not matter so much? Either way, nice work. Hope you enjoy the patio.

outdoorsadrenaline says:

Looks good! Think I'll definately need a mixer though!

Justin Fort says:

dope, doing this weekend

iwantosavemoney says:

Kind of neat I like this am going to check it out

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