Preparing the Base For a Raised Patio – Farwood Project

Preparing the Base For a Raised Patio – Farwood Project

We are working on installing our base for our raised patio now that we have our retaining walls completed. We will have a few days getting our base ready before we can start installing our pavers!



Rodrigo Diaz says:

21. I like the video you want it to last 100 years😎🖐🏻😁😁

Money Making Mike G. says:

So sorry I slacked for this long to comment. Lookin good Bud, lookin Good!! And dang that's a lot of stone Bro. Keep on Keepin on!! Dirty Jersey out!!!

AngieSantana says:

16 I like this video because it gives me an idea on how to do my yard

So-Cal Ponds, Inc. says:

As always the beats… And the knowledge. Thank you!

Jay Garber says:

“Like a baby”

Austin Morris says:

17. Liked the plumbing for the grill and fireplace-a unique feature

Jessica Vazquez says:

29. Videos are entertaining to watch. Learn something each time

Miles Goodwin says:

18. I like how much attention to detail you put in. Also doing it overkill, it’s how we do all of our project. If it’s worth doing it’s worth over doing right?

MrHack3113 says:

27 the whole damn video!!

Galen Headings says:

23. I find it interesting you use geogrid and not something like SS5 Fabric underneath your base.

Frank Speranza says:

13. The sunglasses

Kyle Mackenzie says:

18. I like drying the soil tips

Roxy Bobber says:

#16- how you keep your cool when weather and variables of the scope of the project collide

RNFlyers17 says:

22. Frosted mini wheats 👍🏻

Mike Diffenderfer says:

19. I just live all the work you guys do. I work for WJA Landscaping, WJA PATIO on Instagram, and you guys kill it every job!

fastgetz31 says:

19 is the magic number and "it might be a little bit overkill "I like that comment because you guys take pride in your work

Nicholas Stevens says:

17. How you explained you’re working from one side to other to assist access

Mike Forte says:

Let’s go with 14. I learned that I can actually amend soil and dry it out. Game changer

Cory Wantaja says:

21 – “sleep like a baby”. Pssh.. babies don’t sleep..😂

Paul Penecale says:

My guess is 15. Grid ,grid and more grid. Sleep like my dog on a rainy Sunday

Jose Santiago says:

10. I like how you just don’t say you use products because it’s what you’re suppose to do. You actually explain the reason behind the method. 🤙🏼

Jovany Mendez says:

My number is 25, and I like the tips to dry the site. Really like your videos dude, very interesting and entertaining!!!


Nice video dude! 27 is my guess…. and I liked the part where you talked about how delicious frosted mini wheats are…. headed to the pantry now! GRAB THE MILK!

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