Wooden Patio Ice Chest Cooler | A Project made from inexpensive 2×4

Wooden Patio Ice Chest Cooler | A Project made from inexpensive 2×4

We made an ice chest cooler from inexpensive 2×4 lumber. This is a great vacation or weekend project and makes a great addition to any patio or deck.

The design for this deck cooler came from a video by DIY PETE. We have included a link to his video below.

We started by figuring out how tall we wanted the cooler to sit. Then we cut down the 2x4s to size. Once cut to size, we secured the legs with pocket holes. (Link to the inexpensive jig we used below). We then removed any excess part of the cooler. (handles, lid pins, etc.) Once cleaned up, the cooler was measure for size. We made a base platform for the cooler to sit on and the screwed it all together adding a top as well. Once the framework was built, we sanded and stained all the wood. We created paneling by resawing the 2×4 s along the width. We used wood glue and a pin nailer to secure the paneling. We then made the lid portion following the same patter: Measure, build framework, and add paneling. We secured the top wood to the cooler lid using some long screws. We then finished the entire project with some polyurethane, added the hardware, and called it a day. : )

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All the techniques we used and a more detailed explanation can be found in DIY PETE’s build video.

DIY PETE’s vidoe:

DIY PETE’s channel:

The Kreg Jig for making the pocket holes:
http://bit.ly/pockthl (Affiliate)

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speedee888 says:

Sooooo cute! His lucky to have a handy dad like you!

Your Dead says:

You know what I love this channel

wmaiuiet [zrugel] says:

really nice, very robust design too. looks great.

tbh, I was concerned longer than I should have been about the lid staying on… up until you added the hinges.

I suppose if you wanted a different look, you could char the wood with a torch instead of using stain (before the clear finish).

Trevor Higgins says:

That bagged drink in the bottle opener killed. Nice work brother. This project looks amazing.

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