Bathroom Sink Plumbing Install

Bathroom Sink Plumbing Install

This video shows a new bathroom sink plumbing install from when the tailpiece, stopper, supply lines, and faucet has been installed to the finishing of p-trap connections. If you find this video helpful, please subscribe or comment. Thanks for watching!



Kt Kenn says:

Crap. How is my bathroom sink so different from this!? 😫 I really wanted this to work.

Cheryl Ferrufino says:

Thank you. I installed my bathroom sink plumbing with your instructions. And I appreciate that you didn't edit out any of the minutia, including how to fix the leak!

Charles Martel says:

Great video. Thanks

raymond johnson says:

u hade me at hand tighten my pipe was leaking an i was tightening in too tight thank u

Rima Mcfarlane says:

Do you have one of these where the sink drain doesn't line up and how to figure out what you need to fix the issue? My parents are having problems with this right now

Stephen Harper says:

Flint Michigan is that you?

Shae Sau says:

exactly what i needed. thanks

sunny sharma says:

i just installed the new bathroom lines, it doesnt leak but now the water doesnt go down and when i opend the pipes the water is in there

Javier says:

I see it too complicated. There are products to solve this kind of problems. I leave a link to Amazon so I can see it.

superplan89 says:

How come u diy guys don’t say make sure the water main is off!

Stephen McGeown says:

Thanks sir, that video helped me a ton today!

Sal Barruzza says:

Thank you for posting. Saved me from calling a plumber. I wasn't using the reducer piece, now I know what its for and where it gos.

Christina Heskett says:

Thank you. I wasnt sure how to get the tailpipe to reach the p-trap! Now i know what to ask for at Lowes!

Overspray says:

Mike, my drain stubout has an OD of almost 1.7". It is metal pipe and it has no threads, they busted off. I bought a PVC repair pipe which I thought would fit but the ring, which apparently is for a 1.5" diameter won't fit over the stubout. What do I do? Thanks, Fred

Orlando 1106 says:

Didn’t show pipe connection to sink👎🏽

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