DIY Plumbing

DIY Plumbing

I tried a simple “replace the washer” and created more probl….er, “learning opportunities”. All that and a lesson on the impotance of having water readily at hand. I ended up just cutting a hole in the shower wall; cutting out the broken part; soldering in a new one and I’ll epoxy the piece back in the shower hole. I had help from one of the crew.




Best example yet for calling a Plumber!


there is no safe fix for that , go to other room on backside tub and cut sheetrock for access hopefully a closet. You must replace valve don't cut tub or remove tub for this !

Mosby's men says:

i have been replacing all my toliet stuff with heavy brass parts , the plastic junk does not hold up . the brass stuff cost more to start ,but what are you going to do when there is no parts store to go to ..
fix it right and dont worry about it again .

Sister Kate Shofar Mountain says:

Those cranberry juice containers are really easy to use, large mouths mean easier pouring, and they have a handle, versus a 2 liter coke bottle. They are heavy duty plastic, easy to carry and fill up.

Gotta love indoor plumbing.

leadpersuasion says:

Praying all goes well, Pastor!

VikingPreparedness says:

Thanks, y'all. Behind that tub wall on the faucet side is a 2×4 wall then about 8" of space then a 10" thick concrete wall – there is no access from behind. We ended up cutting a hole in the shower wall around the fixture, ripping it out and replacing it with a new one. I'll epoxy the shower wall piece I cut out back in – it won't be pretty but it will be functional. Oh yeah – I had to make three trips to Home Depot and I don't live close by…

ontap55 says:

thanks for all you do….I appreciate all your videos as the subjects are really helpful…good luck with the faucet thing…last time I did that it cost me a day searching for a plumbing fixture they no longer was too old…so I rebuilt and learned a lot in the process….

PastorDowell says:

Pastor your staying busy. I like the fact that you are a doer, yep experience is the best way. But your learning. When we build our small homes, we make access points so that we can get to them just in case. The system does it so that you can continual to pay your taxes. Your a very wise man. Get er done Pastor. Call me!

WWYDdotORG says:

Yes, before you rip out shower enclosure. get to the valve from the OTHER SIDE of the wall. Drywall is easier to patch than reinstall a shower enclosure… These things are why TOOLS and EQUIPMENT are high priority on my PREPS and I have built it up with QUALITY stuff over the decades… If I was closer, I'd have everything you need to do that job…


i would have never bet that you'd be seen in a bad brains t-shirt….guess i learn something new every day….

iam4god2day says:

ya go to the other side of this room like trukingyah says

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