How a Slip Joint Nut works – Creates water tight Seal – Plumbing 101

How a Slip Joint Nut works – Creates water tight Seal – Plumbing 101

Slip Joint Nut 101 – Learning about Plumbing!



K.B. Woodworker says:

I like videos that show how things work. Rubber slip washer–good! Thanks!

smarro71 says:

Thank you for your video, thanks for the advice about using rubber slip washer, I almost always had problems here and there with plastic ones. On my way to get those rubber ones…cheers

JimiHenbricks says:

I was happy I seemed to install my new drain and checked it for leaks by touching all the areas with tightening lips. Sure enough there was minimal water leaking but this video helped me thank you. I tightened it too much the first time. Tight isn’t better in this case anyways. Lol

Pilot Forever says:

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Lorenz says:

Thank you SO much! 52 years on this planet and I've never had to touch plumbing……until now. This video was "exactly" what I needed. Can't begin to thank you enough. Take care!

Kathleen Sisco says:

Lord, save me from compression kitchen drain fittings! I thought all were glued but No! compression fittings consist of a ring nut and plastic ring gasket that supposedly hold together. After resealing the drain sets with plumber's putty, I tackled the pvc drains by first removing the plumbing tape, duct tape, etc. After reading on Utube, I cut one shorter so the line would be more fitter, then set them together but they promptly just fell out. Not happy to think I would have to go buy new rings and nuts, I coaxed the pipe opening up a tiny bit so that it enroached upon the ring,AND THEN screwed down the nut. Seems like I hit upon the secret, and believe me, there is one.

debaful says:

Thank You very much for making my first plumbing repair easy by showing how to position seal correctly.

Snows Tech says:

thanks dude. just wanted to know which way the angle went. kinda sucks I had to buy a slip nut with plastic gasket that's all they had !

Monozuki Kansatsu says:

Saved me a call to a plumber, thanks so much!!

Timothy Sandridge says:

This was perfect… Thank you

d9975 says:

This video helped me figure out what I was doing wrong! I had the gasket facing the wrong way. Thanks!

Carnot Antonio Romero says:

Saved my bacon this evening. Great to have a visual on how exactly to put a slip joint nut in place — I didn't get it on my own the first time. Thanks for posting it!

Dennis Gentry says:

Other way to connect "scrolling at the top" at 2:11? Not on my browser, but I'm interested in it. I have a brass version of the PVC stuff you demonstrate, and the old washer is all chewed up.

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