How to Fix A TOILET That KEEPS RUNNING | DIY Plumbing

How to Fix A TOILET That KEEPS RUNNING | DIY Plumbing

This video has been highly requested after our “How to Fix a Running Toilet GUARANTEED” video. In that video we gave some simple tips to fix a running toilet, but in this video we’re doing a full rebuild. This is what you’ll do if you all else fails. Fortunately for you, fixing a running toilet this way isn’t really hard and with a little effort, you can completely fix your running toilet FOR GOOD!

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Roger Wakefield says:

If this video saved you some money let me know by leaving a comment!

John Doe says:

my flush valve is 40-50 years old and the fill valve as well do they still make parts that fit?

Mark Parcheta says:

Best production values I have seen on a youtube video. Really professional and well done. This is how videos should be done. Plus the information was excellent. Thanks!!

Scott Kaye says:

Thanks, Roger. Really appreciate the video. The cutaway made it great.

Scott Schofield says:

15 bucks and an hour later I got a working toilet, thanks man.

J Man says:

I always have a big nut I need to screw off!

Mr Shahnawaz says:

You are great Man Roger sure wish you was in our home town I will call you for any pluming repair, just to said hello and thank you. but all the video that you upload is for great learning, I am very happy I run a cross your channel, I am subscribed now.

Carlos Roberto says:

Amazing video Sir
I did my first toilet fix!!

Demetrios Dimitroulakos says:

Thank u for this video roger my mom fixed the toilet!!!!!!!!!!! oh water bill was SO high! No more thanks to roger 😀

Circle says:

Like I just commented on your older version of this video, I just replaced the fill valve on our running toilet. Cost about $20 and took 20-25 mins (I take my time).

Thank you very much, sir.

Hatim 13 says:

Yeah but this is where most plumbers make good money, some charge up to 150 to 200$ for that fix.

Harry Segal says:

Economically, with time and cost of parts, is it better to just replace everything in the tank at one time vs driving to the hardware store several times to change the parts each time and spending the time draining the tank and preparation in changing each individual part as it fails?

Sheila G says:

what great contenet very helpful!

Dave Goris says:

9 out of 10 times I had to cut them off.

working shlub says:

when changing a fill valve ALWAYS stick your hand over it when turning water back on….i had one that that i thought was clicked in shoot up like a rocket …even worse is they had that damn blue cleaner that made a mess all over the place..this was 12 years ago and still take caution..

Hever Morales says:

One can also use a 1/2'' nut driver & a socket wrench of 1/2'' just to snug it but not over tight it.

Jo Bo says:

Hey Roger, do you add a thin layer of faucet grease to help seal up any of the rubber gaskets? Thanks

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