How To Repair A Leak

How To Repair A Leak – As soon as you spot a leak, fix it before more water damage is done. Leaking pipes can be easily patched and repair with just a little DIY know how.

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Stupid comments says:

Bloody leaky pipe on boxing day, sod that – I'm not having you plumbers rip me off with your extortionate charges, it's the garden hose & clamp job for me.

ollzzz9 says:

If this leak is big-one, stop watching this video and call for help! Hahaa, youtube dont solve every your problem.

BlrTronics says:

Cool video
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Clora says:

HoN forums sent me here -__-

wolfmanj3 says:

Awesome thanks from Texas!!! You guys just made my day!

blueange1s says:

Bunch of cowboys @ its finest

littlegee says:

Who needs Homeserve when all of those solutions work just fine! 😉

Gives You Wings says:

I knew chewing gum was useful

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