How to Repair a Sewer Pipe Under a Concrete Slab – This Old House

How to Repair a Sewer Pipe Under a Concrete Slab – This Old House

This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows how to rescue a buried, root-clogged pipe, without digging up the whole site.

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Cameron Smith says:

So what about the other drains that tie into the one main drain?

Coffieman5150 says:

That is a wonderful system, but what is the price tag on it.?


That’s pretty slick-I can’t tell you how many countless slabs I break every week
Cool machine!

deleonclan says:

how can you grab the camera with out any gloves camera touch feces on most times when i run camera you are a brave man

Mandeep Singh says:

condom of pipes

El Okim says:

its much better just to use raised tubs or showers and rear discharge toilets and do complete overhaul. this just does not look like a reliable fix .I would not pay for it unless written insurance 50 year grantee policy is given with work

Some Puerto Rican Guy says:

That's a fine piece of equipment

Riker626 says:

That probably cast as much as jack hammering the slab

stephan moore says:

Roto rooter that's the name……

william william says:

2017 newest wireless endoscope1200P:

Ben says:

"high quality lens"

The London Miner says:

great job..

Kyle Davison says:

Just wait until there's a clog in the future and Roto Rooter comes in with a sawtooth blade and sectional machine. Goodbye 1/16" thick sleeve! I have a basement so I'd not hesitate to replace the pipe with new. But I'm also not concerned about that quantity of roots either.

plumber man says:

In Texas we simply tunnel underneath the slab never having a break it and replace the pipe that way. Is that a not an option anywheres else

Jon Sands says:

This gets my vote as the most unintentionally sexual TOH segment ever made

Kyle Mann says:

Did I just watch some kind of childbirth?

HardikG121 says:

This is like performing a colonoscopy lol

quang nguyen says:

It's work for straight main line, how do you do after it go over all Y connection?

Liberty Patriot says:

As incredible as this process is why do you NOT disclose the actual installation cost $$$ ????

ray bee says:

What happens if you come to a 90 degree or a T …… this seems to be patching the easy part of the real problem…..

Brandon Talbot says:

How do I find out more about this in my area? Just to see if it is around here or not, great thing to know about!

tennknows says:

Curious how it stands up to zonk, draino, and drain-cleaners? Another problem is the lines in older houses were sized smaller. Then with this system you are losing Some of your ID. This is going to be most apparent when you change your toilets to low-flow from what might be in your house right now 16L flushing monster.

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