How to Replace a Bathroom Drain and Sink Trap

How to Replace a Bathroom Drain and Sink Trap

Replacing a drain assembly on a bathroom sink isn’t all that tough. Tool Dude Tony walks you through the process step-by-step in this episode of How to Fix Sh#t 101. Thankfully, there is no plumber’s crack in this video.

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Rick Henderson says:

About to replace my drain with a popup drain, because the plastic piece under the stopper is broken and the Clevis arm or whatever is totally not working. But turns out I had the clip attached incorrectly, but I like the idea of saving money here.

towering shot says:

Video was very helpful. On a trivial note, those were imitation generic tongue in groove pliers and definitely not Channellock.

MaccDuff says:

I'm glad this video showed that you probably have to grab the flange with pliers (destroying it) to get it out. This is particularly true on older, non-PVC connections that will have rusted or simply locked in place if they've been there for years.

LaWaune Netter says:

Thanks Tony!

Efrain Hurtado says:

Your Video Was Very Helpful. Thanks…

Robert Amatucci says:

The one thing I couldn’t figure out when I installed a new faucet. You are the man Tony.
Thank you

Greg Egan says:

Yet another video installing an overflow drain assembly into a non-overflow sink.

Leaora says:

Thanks, I just bought a house where this pipe was broken in both bathrooms (and packed with pens, rubber bands, and a comb…) and I was able to replace both myself. Your video was very helpful!

Mitchell Tumulak says:

Thanks for taking the time make this video and explaining everything so well. You really helped me fix my bathroom sink and saved me money. Liked and subscribed. 😃👍

Toby Tollefsen says:

Awesome. You make it look so EZ. Thank you.

Michael Olds says:

What do you do when the drain flange is frozen to the lower (cast iron) pipe?  I've tried wrapping the segment in in a cloth wrap soaked with "rust buster." The rest looks do-able.  Thanks.

Ebony Goode says:

Couldn't watch, what's up with the robot sounds?

Matt Elkins says:

very helpful, thank you!!!

Brad Rankin says:

Thank you for keeping the camera steady. I have seen too many of these DIY videos where the person was holding the camera while working, and it was really hard to follow.

Britney Stoldt says:

I have a new sink with a 1 3/4 inch hole. I bought a pop up drain that said 1 1/4 on the box. Can i use that or does the drain have to be the exact same size??

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