How to Replace A Kitchen Sink Strainer

How to Replace A Kitchen Sink Strainer

For more information or a written out step by step you can stop by . A video on how to replace a kitchen sink strainer / basket.



James Mar says:

Excellent demonstration, however, how do i get the old seized ring off ?

KRAMESS42 says:

Wonderful video… followed instructions to the tee and worked perfectly

Berengeno Nav1 says:

Thank you for the video

Lukas Nichols says:

Thanks for the helpful video! im going to go and try and fix my sink right now =)

rinzin namgyal says:


Jim Babcock says:

I went to Menards thinking I would have to replace the entire sink. There was a VERY knowledgeable young lady who listened to my problem and told me all I needed to do was replace the sink's drain. Then she told me the real secret, unless you are tight on time, is to soak the drain in vinegar in order to make it much easier to disassemble. Since our sink has 2 bowls we put a cookie sheet to remember not to use the broken side. We let it soak for a full week before trying to disassemble. I took a hammer and long screwdriver and hit the ring underneath twice. The old one broken into 2 pieces. It was easy. Disassembly after soaking in vinegar, 30 seconds. Next I opened the new drain and looked at the accompanying instructions, which were confusing. All I got from them is I needed either plumber putty or silicone. Off to Home Depot I went where I learned the smallest plumber putty was less than 2 bucks compared to over 5 for silicone. Choosing the putty seemed a no brainer. Not sure how to reassemble correctly the first time with the instructions I went to YouTube, found this video at the top of the list and watched it. The video was clear, short and concise. And it uses plummer putty, perfect. It took less than 5 minutes to assemble. AND NO LEAKS. The old one lasted 35 years. I am hopeful this one lasts longer then me. Great video.

Larry Steadman says:

Well done informative video. (I wish more people posting videos would take the time and effort to edit there videos as yu have done!)

Jerry Cargill says:

Thanks for your video!

nick david says:

did you tighten the nut snug? or really crank it down? I just did this and didnt go very tight as I did not want to squeeze all the putty out

Rob Ran says:

Very helpful. Is the amount of plumber's putty used excessive? Not really sure; just going on the advice of others.

Jamie Shorter twee te says:

Good job……You explained it real good…..

caliv0608 says:

Wow. Thank you so much, you made this very clear and to the point. I'm off to the hardware store much less terrified now.

IPfrequently says:

One bit of advice I would add is: When testing after installation, dont just put a small ammount of water in, fill up the sink past its normal working level to have as much pressure as possible on the seals. If it doesent leak now it never will.

siszam says:

Thank you. We are doing a kitchen remodel and Home Depot wanted $299 to do what you just did. No way would I pay that. Now I can do it myself.

Eric Turock says:

Thanks for the very helpful and to the point video. Anyone attempting this should take the advice mentioned below where if the retaining ring doesn't twist off, use a grinder or dremel to cut the retaining ring. Do it that and save yourself headache, backache and all the cursing associated with these repairs.

GlorytoGod says:

I have too big of a seam of putty between the basket and the sink hole. I think the basket should be wider. Or maybe I just need to keep tightening it. Any suggestions?

okolekahuna says:

thank you for this video. saved me a whole lot of money.

Steve Hannigan says:

Slightly different parts used in the UK. But the system still the same. Thank you very much for your help.

Mary Buettner says:

I am a 60-year-old female and learning how to fix things around the house. I am GLAD to say I followed this video and did it myself and NO LEAKS. Thanks so much

Joel Contreras says:

A+ Video. Just subscribed. Thanks

Reviewing Playing & More RPM says:

Hi, wanted to let you know that I followed your advice and I now saved what I'm sure would have been a hefty plumbing bill. Had a couple issues mostly with not having the right tools…Excellent video…Thank You so much…

Aaron Stigall says:

Thanks bro. Helped immensely!

miguel basco says:

Hi what is that black thing called the one you remove in 0:57

Pat Whipple says:

Perfect instructions. Very helpful. Thanks

MrPaladin123 says:

good vid….and with Big Ben ringing in the background…..sounds like AC/DC. . . . .

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