How to Snake a Bathroom Drain: Step-by-Step Plumbing DIY

How to Snake a Bathroom Drain: Step-by-Step Plumbing DIY

A clogged bathroom sink is easy to take care of when you know what tools to use! Home improvement expert Leah of See Jane Drill shows you a step-by-step demonstration of how to use a drain snake.

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jasoncy31 says:

Hey Leah, just watched this after unsuccessfully removing my P-trap. If the draino in the system doesn't unclog it then this is my next step. I was going to call a plumber but after watching your video I think I'll give it a try myself. Thanks so much for the clear video!

william george says:

Those basic augers don't work very well

GeoFagus 123 says:

helpful as always-thanks

Martin Watson says:

Almost all female presenters shriek when they talk, especially American ones so it was very refreshing to hear somebody talking at the right pitch. I've tried all sorts of chemicals and Rods and this is my last attempt before getting a professional in. My blockage is 6 ft behind the bath and I don't think it is going round the corner properly but I will be giving it a try later. Thank you for the advice.

foolinlove13 says:

Hi Lea sorry if this is long ,I live in a older house and have basement floor drain back up from upstairs toilet I have use the red bottle Draining max gel and still have back up issues I have a drum anger on order but I can not wait for it to show am going to have to buy one help.please

Christina Miller says:

What a lady! Loved your presentation. Off to clear my clog. Christina

Jj Caddell says:

Great video. You give very clear instructions. Easy to follow.

rareair02 says:

Great video! I just unclogged my sink 🙂

DWFanGear says:

Thanks for the help. Snake worked perfectly.

Megan Axtell says:

Thanks Leah

Cranjis McBasketball says:

Leah make more videos!!!!

Cranjis McBasketball says:

Can you come fix my sink…☹️

Mikey Kozak says:

Great video does Leah have anymore instructional videos

Krista Hale says:

Thank you Leah. Thanks to you I just fixed my clogged kitchen drain all by myself! 🙂

Desmond Hasty says:

Thanks Leah! This is only the 2nd video I’ve watched and the better of the 2.

chinapoblanamx says:

Thank you for the detail, that was very helpful!

Sean says:

My drain is clogged with sediments. I tried the snake method but ended up with a recoiling as it could not break through the sediement. What would you suggest? Acids cannot be purchased in my country. The sediments are likely due to previous owner's toilet renovation

Sean says:

Thank you Madam

Makaveli 1 says:

How are you so cool Leah!? I've learned so much from you! My first project was repairing my drywall I learned from you. Thank you! 😃👍

Otto Escalante says:

Thanks Leah.

Kevin Mara says:

Leah, you're awesome.

Melynda Andrews says:

I love her!

Misty Blue says:

thank u 😊

Patricia S says:

This is fantastic. My kitchen sink has not drained in over seven years. I know – LOL but it is from my being on my own here with a disabling illness trying to manage without needed 'connections' 🙂 I have a clean out tool, pretty much like the one you used in the demonstration, and will tackle the task This was just great to see — thanks.

Sharon Hamilton says:

Great demonstration! This is the first I've seen of Leah's videos and I've owned my home since 1999; I thank you. Happy Holidays.  Sharon

Kathleen Swafford says:

Would this clear out rust from galvanized pipe?

CrankyPants says:

Very helpful, as always. Thanks, Leah.

Chris Burnette says:

Hey Leah, how does a snake compare to a bladder? which works better, or do they have their own uses?

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