new bathroom vanity sink and pvc drain:plumbing tips

new bathroom vanity sink and pvc drain:plumbing tips

replaces new vanity top complete @ drain/water supplies



Richard Luca says:

Why the glued trap? Is that Massachusetts state code? Here in NJ we use desankos, or an LA trap with a union

Peter Boissiere says:

What are u going to do when u get lung cancer from breathing the glue in a confined space. I'm cocerned about ur health because of the way u do plumbing.

Peter Boissiere says:

If u used continuous waste p traps u wouldn't have to do that kind of thing

J.R ROD says:

Why not put an adapter that you could take off at the drain.A diamond ring goes down the drain you gotta cut the pipe?

Tom Woodall says:

You just screwed the next guy that needs to replace a faucet.

Kristopher Rodriguez says:

ok so how would you do this with a metal pipe in the wall that is old and threads will break if you try to unscrew it? got a video for that?

Steve says:

Failed to add the purple primer before the glue when joining the PVC. Plumbing inspector could fail this job as non-compliant with code in the absence of the purple ring, but even if not, the professional way is to prime before gluing.

Greg Smith says:

Where did you buy the reamer at ?

Joe D says:

Question, at the start, why didnt you just cut the pvc so some is sticking out so you can stick a fitting on it instead of drilling?

Young Padawan says:

Why do you glue everything?

HHProgressiveconstruction says:

Steve could you of just cut it clean after the trap fitting and between the coupling there was pipe to glue to and not deal with the reaming of fitting in wall .

Matt Greenberg says:

Steve could you explain some tips in regards to a broken pipe determining that

Mrs. Rizzle Reads says:

Thank you! Very helpful!

Kenny Kendrick says:

It's amazing how easy you made that job look, some home owners could really screw that job up! Good job Steve!

The Mean Arena says:

I really don't want to tear out my wall. Is there a way to connect plastic to the old metal drain pipe? Like a joiner or something? The metal pipe has broken on the bend part. Is is possible to cut it off, and join a new plastic drain pipe piece to the old metal one?

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