no water flow to faucets in home plumbing

no water flow to faucets in home plumbing

no water flow to faucets in home plumbing

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Rob Carstuff says:


Wintersky136 says:

Advise them on a 3-Stage water filter system directly installed after the public water supply line – that solves their problems!

captainkrunch says:

What the hell is wrong with that plumbing

Mark Wright says:

Imagine what the inside of her water heater looks like… probably a good idea to put a filter on the incoming main. Otherwise that woman is going to have a large plumbing bill every few years.

usbigdaddy says:

Try miractic acid or clean through spout and disconnect hot side hose and open hot side on the facuet and allow the liquid to eat away at the calcium build up

Mark Baker says:

Steve, doesn't anyone up there us water softners with that hard water you have?

Robert Nocera Jr says:

What a pain in the neck here.

barf245 says:

Need a whole house filtration system.

Jose Aragon says:

Bro your breathing ! Hit the gym buddy

bg147 says:

I have never seen this much sediment. We have lake water where I live. The water smells like bleach in the summer, but there is little in the way of deposits and my hot water tank is 35 years old with the boiler appearing even older.

kdmq says:

In normal plumbing if a pipe bursts, you get a flood. In this house, if a pipe bursts, nothing happens.

ravi t says:

nice to see the flow restored …hard water deposit ruins everything

Trek520 rider says:

Why not put in nice 1/4 turn shutoffs instead of those horrible multiturn jobs?

JH HVAC & Plumbing says:

Steve I seen alot of crap inside water pipes but that was wild! Nice work , they been putting all those issues off for sometime and it just gets worse .

Makita man says:

Steve I would have left that fur ball in her medicine cabinet after she said her husband will fix it

John Smith says:

Cheapskates……I wouldn't have taken that job either. Perhaps you will make up a card and hand it to them before you start a job that this crap cheapskate stuff will not be tolerated…lol…at least don't warranty a job when they do that….

David Harmon says:

Good Jobsteven.was someone using bread to sorder in thebasement lol

Jilocasin says:

She's a licker!

JohnstonPettigrew says:

yeah, leave it on the sink.😎

Ken Massa says:

That plumbing needs a triple bypass. Lol

Bill Tario says:

thanks for your diagnosis,ill finish it…baby buns looking good.

kennycybertron1 says:

This house's plumbing needs a quadruple bypass immediately…..any one of those blockages could be a widow maker

Claudius says:

Wow, a good case for a substantial filter on the main.


Hate when people don’t let you finish the job!she said her husband did the renovations,I can tell!(isn’t no Taj Mahal)

David Moulton says:

I like that little trick Steve it is quicker than a file

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