Plumber Causes Major Flood In Apartment

Plumber Causes Major Flood In Apartment

The landlord calls in a plumber who foolishly tries to repair a leak without first turning the water off.

Full description:
The woman with the steam vacuum is the tenant of this low income apartment with her two children. They reported a leaking bathroom sink to their landlord. The landlord, a Persian female, calls in a Mexican self-appointment plumber named Wilmer. Wilmer is the kind of cheap labor that cuts corners to try and save money.

It should come as no surprise, in this desperate part of town, that buildings are not up to code. This means, in order to shut the water off for this one apartment, the entire building’s water would have to be shut down. The apartment complex requires a $150 fee to be paid every 30 minutes the water is turned off. The shut off valves and water heaters are behind locked doors and are only accessible by the complex staff. This is obviously a flawed system compared to the ideal of each apartment having separate shut off valves. The landlord is far too cheap to do anything about it.

Wilmer tried to please the cheap landlord by repairing the leak with the water still on, in an effort to save $150. He gets underneath the sink and unleashes a 90PSI torrent of steaming hot water (don’t worry, the minion slippers are fine). All in all, two apartments were ruined, the tenants had to vacate the apartment for repair, and the landlord lost money.

All hiring and decisions were exclusively between the landlord and plumber. I recorded this video to document the damage, holding the landlord accountable for her mistake in hiring this person, as well as to capture the epic moment of failure.

I am not a tenant here, so I had no interest in getting myself blasted with water over this guys mistake. This video is a perfect example why someone should not attempt working with pressurized plumbing without shutting the water off and relieving the water pressure beforehand.

In the first 3 months, between Liveleak, WorldStar, and YouTube, this video has pulled in 1.3 million views!



Ismail Ozmen says:

Where's the main valve?

cristianvencesjaimes says:

That moment

Steven Clark says:

Classic Wilmer

The Grand Champion says:

$150 to turn the water off… WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT!?!?!?!?!?

jasen ratnam says:

and this why you should always know where the main is!!!

oscar delgado says:

You know your place is fucked when the plumber gets the shop vac Jesus Christ

Erik Garcia says:

I'm pretty sure the valve broke off when he tried closing it from under the sink and since their apartments he didn't want to bother closing the main valve I wouldn't call the cops or firefighters but the water district lol

Sean Ghertner says:

what a dumb ass

Telepathic Entity says:

09:00 – That crappy Mexican hose pipe with a hole in it lol… and a soaked wetback trying in vain to hold back the flood HAHA!!!!

This is why Americans should never call a cheap Mexican plumber… and in the UK, the same goes for Polish/Lithuanian plumbers.

steviebboy69 says:

I had a burst water pipe, well it was a split on a flange end of a pipe, and the Plumber is up there working and makes a 2 foot hole in the ceiling. He said it was the water damage and his knee just touched it, i feel more like he slipped.

Ella's Vlogs And More says:

Is it normal that I'm actually nervous right now but it's just a video?? And some people say that they are laughing but I'm not

Freddy D says:

I refuse to work for cheap slumlords like this just because they all love to cut corners. I hope that after this the plumber has learned a very valuable lesson.

fake Mathew 12 says:

where's Mario and luigi when you need them

gerberho1 says:

hahahahahahaahhshahsha the vacuuming

Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel says:

Hehehehehehe wooooo hooooooo😀👍

Angry PoopyPA says:

um….. why isn't the water turned off in the first place ?

Mrdontmess1996 says:

Dh go turn off the main

KOilithya says:

I have the same shoes as OP. Sorry man

J. Clowers says:

Sorry dude…you're FIRED!

mannerpanner says:

Needless to say, that pipe blew a major load.

My name chef big boi says:

thousands in water damage but saved $150 that's a win

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