Repair Leaky Shower Faucet

Repair Leaky Shower Faucet

How to repair a leaky shower faucet. The same principles apply to most sink faucets too.



Jeanne Rehwaldt says:

Helpful, thanks. Now clean that tub and tile, geez!

Garrett Goodman says:

I love how he says it's not leaking while clearly it was dripping. it's still better than it was though. should have used electrical tape to wrap around his finger to make video a little cleaner though.

Everything home repair says:

It was still dripping, you needed to replace the valve seat.

East Bay Cali says:

Wow. Your video is awesome and easy to follow. I have the exact same problem. Gonna try and fix it myself!!! Thank you.

Orquidea Gutierrez says:

I changed the washer and there is still some drops of water, what else could it be? Thanks

nas979 says:

Question, what size was the spanner that you used?

David Aquilare says:

This is the most realistic tutorial I've ever seen

Jerry Cr says:

Soon as I cut my finger that bitch would have been thrown out the nearest window regardless if it was open or not.

Blind Rogue says:

At the end of the video the water is still dripping little droplets. Thats basically whats happening that id like to fix.

kellerrobert80 says:

You really should repair the tile wall near the hot water valve. Water will leak through that quarter-sized hole with every shower and and drip into and down the wall cavity. Not good. Gob and smear it with silicone caulk if you have to, or caulk up a big washer or SOMETHING waterproof to plug that baby up! Nice maneuver with the screwdriver against the stem to yank off that handle!

Tom C says:

I think a better solution would be to demo the whole frickin bathroom.

Sonny Aguilera says:

awesome video. this helped out a great deal.

Jacob T says:

Pull Marie, pull!

Tommy Roberts says:

Great video. Sorry you poked your finger. This is what I call a handy man, not some dumb asses been doing the same few things over and over and most of all wrong and don't even know it. When you question their way of doing things, their famous answer is…"I have been doing this for 30 years and never had any issue."

hourdad says:

Hey thanks for the video mmm i changed all 3 of the stems washers but mm:d now no water comes from the top shower any idea about where that I screwed up

Edward Sativa Comedy says:

Love this vid

Robert Schmitt says:

Check the seat?

Greg Bischoff says:

good job though 👍..this is what my video would look like except the F word would be every other word

Greg Bischoff says:

lmao bro next time you can save a pint of blood by calling a plumber

Casey Paleos says:

great video from someone who is clearly (a) a regular, intelligent guy that (b) understands the basic laws of physics well enough to explain this process in simple, direct manner without a ton of jargon, so that it makes sense to people coming in with no prior knowledge, like me. i wish all instructional videos were like this! thank you!!

Fay W. says:

i am trying to trouble shoot but my situation is not quite the same. Would it be safe to say I have the same problem if my tub faucet leaks hot water from the bottom while the shower head above is in full use? is it still the stem or can it be something else? otherwise, it turns off completely when not in use.

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