RV plumbing repairs are EASY!

RV plumbing repairs are EASY!

Plumbers Tool (Not the exact one I found at Home Depot)
1/2″ SharkBite Connector
1/2″ 90 Degree SharkBite Connector
SharkBite Disconnect Tool
1/2″ 3 Way Valve
1/2″ In Line Valve
1/2″ PEX Lines (100′ roll, go to your local hardware store)

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Intro Video Submissions
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blondestrainger says:

Thanks for the pex video but as a professional plumber we wont use push on sharkbite fittings. vibration is rough on the little oring.They make us a lot of business. Use crimp fittings but in a pinch on the road SB is ok . Cheers!!

Richard Bohling Sr says:

FYI Those shark bite fittings are notorious for letting go and causing leaks.

RV’n With Tucker says:

That’s great. Thanks for demystifying the process. Strange coincidence I have been working on our plumbing today so great timing

Debbie TAYLOR says:

Thanks for the video if ever comes a time I need to do this I will be sure to contact you for …HELP!!! 😁

Gerald Brock says:

Like your video's. Just have to say that it's a water heater or a cold water heater. Not a hot water heater. You don't heat hot water you heat cold water. Lol

RV Legal Eagle & Paws says:

Good job and thanks for doing the shopping….lol

Jouncyg says:

That WAS easy. Thanks!

akbychoice says:

Instruction and pictogram printed and sealed in plastic attached to the inside of the access door really help minimize turning the valves the wrong away.

CathyAnn says:

You make it seem so easy! Thanks for demonstrating this. I feel encouraged to do it myself.

Gregor Miller says:

@nd cold you've seem to have in the last few months…ya need to boost your immune system my man. I know im tellin' something ya already know, but I've been eating fresh crushed garlic, on bread with butter, in my eggs etc. Havent been sick in over 12 years.

TheRedalert30 says:

I'm not into diy or plumbing and don't have a rv thought I wish I did, I found that surprisingly interesting and encouraging 🙂

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