Shutoff Valve Repair for Bathrooms (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

Shutoff Valve Repair for Bathrooms (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

Do you need help with a shut off valve repair in a bathroom?
Get quick tips on removal and replacement.
Full supply list is in description below

My supplies;
-Pasco Compression Sleeve Puller;
-AutoCut Pipe Cutter;
-Ridgid No. 15 Pipe Cutter;
-SharkBite Ball Valve;
-Compression 1/4 Turn Valve;
-SharkBite Depth Tool;
-Channel Locks;

There’s nothing worse than a leaky or nonworking shut off valve. Especially in the bathroom.

When your toilet starts to overflow you want that shut off to work ASAP.

This video shares how to remove an old shut off, what tool can help with compression fittings and why 1/4 ball valves are the best option for new shut offs.



Mickey Mac says:

Great information! Thanks!

Ali Medani says:

I am having leaks from the shutoff valve in my kitchen. Your tips of replacing the shutoff valve very helpful. Thanks a lot

Reem Ayouby says:

I couldn’t get the compression sleeve off. Instead of cutting the pipe though and having it get really short, I reused the old compression sleeve and nut. They seem to be holding up well a few hours later.

Reem Ayouby says:

So much great information! Thank you!

Carlos Mendoza says:

Jeff, Should you use pvc adhesive when putting a Comp valve to Pex pipes?

kokohawk says:

I thought this might be easy to do but when I went to the hardware store I was overwhelmed with all of the choices and didn't know what I was getting myself into. Watching this video was very helpful and helped answer a few questions I had. Thanks for the easy to understand video!

rodgy v says:

Very helpful for people with copper pipes…but now a days builder (cheap) are using pex and different types of piping that is not copper. Some tips on those types would be great.

Familie Anderson says:

Great video. Thanks.

SteveR says:

Jeff–Replace the 6 to 8-turn shut-off valve (which can spray a lot of water before you are able to turn it off) with a 1/4-turn shut-off valve.  The Pasco #4661 Compression Sleeve Puller is a good tool, but it may be too large to work in all situations, as is the case with other models.  The Pasco is around $30.00; none of these pullers is cheap, but they are your best bet if the sleeve (or "olive") has dug into the copper pipe or been flattened/compressed to the point it can't be removed.  I heard about the English Tool Company's "Dual Thread Compression Sleeve Puller" on a YouTube video; it's about 2-inches long, possibly the smallest one made.  Check out the video by Leah from "SeeJaneDrill".   It has a hex nut on the end instead of a sliding handle, so it can be turned with a combination wrench, or by using a stubby 3/8-drive ratchet and a 1/2-inch socket.  It's around $40.00.  If you're still having trouble removing the sleeve, you may have to resort to cutting the copper pipe directly behind the sleeve.  For that you can use a mini hacksaw or a copper pipe cutter, such as the a General Pipe Cleaners AutoCut ATC-12 Copper Tubing Cutter (for 1/2-inch pipe).  There is a tool that will cut through the brass sleeve by turning a nut with a wrench or pliers (it seems very effective in the video), but is also a little bulky and currently costs about $55.00.   I don't recommend using a hacksaw to cut through the brass sleeve, then split the sleeve apart with a flat-blade screw driver.   It's too easy to cut past the sleeve into the copper pipe, creating a leak, which may cause severe water damage in your house.

Ricky Dooner says:

Great video for the valve itself! I think my leak is occurring where the actual line to the toilet attaches to the shut-off valve. Any advice on that?

Ronnie A. Jones says:

I am preparing to change out my toilet tank parts. In shutting off my water below the commode tank, I discovered a plastic shut off valve. My question is, how do I know I am shutting off the water supply because the plastic valve simply spins around. Thanks.

Jorge Gandara says:

awesome channel!

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