Here’s a complete guide on how to repair a leaking joint whether it wasn’t soldered correctly or it just started leaking in time, this guide will assist you in repairing it the CORRECT way, not the quick-fix way 🙂
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How to solder the correct way:
How to solder in a wall:
How to solder with water in pipe:
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IRWIN 10″ Locking Pliers:
Fitting Wire Brush 1/2″:
Fitting Wire Brush 3/4″:
Flux brushes:
Utility knife:
Pencil reamer:

Lead-free solder:
Propane gas(Blue bottle):
Lead-free flux(water-soluble):
150 Grit Sandpaper:
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Got2Learn says:

Tools and materials I used in this video:


IRWIN 10" Locking Pliers:

Fitting Wire Brush 1/2":

Fitting Wire Brush 3/4":

Flux brushes:

Utility knife:

Pencil reamer:


Lead-free solder:

Propane gas(Blue bottle):

Lead-free flux(water-soluble):

150 Grit Sandpaper:

SFCD says:

Good video (like your HVAC ones)…everyone has to learn from mistakes….ive learned the hard way……i cannot stress the pipes need to be scrubbed clean on all touching points (inside and out)…always keep it dry when soldering, just a light coat of flux and i try to start heating on top for a little bit and then go underneath since heat rises

HP Low says:

great job …very informative

MisterTwister says:

Viega Pro Press

Lucinio Ortiz says:

me gustó muy buena explicación

David David says:

im shocked you can use the vice grips on the pipe strong enough to hammer the pipe out, without denting the pipe with the vice grips
very interesting

Mike rosco says:

either the previous plumber didn't properly prep the pipe by not sanding or fluxing it all the way or he got a hair from the brush in the joint…it's happened to me many times before with the brush hairs.the sanding or steel brushing causes scratches for the solder to seep into and hold.this is the second reason why doing so is doesn't clean 100%, that's what the flux paste cleans it 100%.also i love to use the paste with the pre -tin in get a better bond with it and can see when the fitting is hot enough by watching the tin melt into a matte finish.

Peter Notarfrancesco says:

Shouldn’t you clean the debris freed up from inside the fitting? I usually use some 70%rubbing alcohol

Dean Azize says:

You covered everything on how to fix this leak in short and interesting time, thank you!!!! I love how you explain things and the consequences of not following directions.

shafiullah mawlavizada says:

Run your heat 360 degree if you don’t want to leak

Henry Tran says:

My job doing has something like that too.

Henry Tran says:

This job has smoking could be dangerous for people health. Should pay high salaries for them.

Thomas Fidow says:

I’m a 5th year apprentice and currently in plumbing school/ programs. Master plumbers and teachers who have done studies about soldering taught us to always run the torch or the heat all around the pipe while soldering not just heating the bottom and expect to have a strong joint. We actually cut the pipe and see the inside. I haven’t had any leaks by doing it the way we were taught.


Any plumber that soft solders copper pipe fittings would have to be braindead!!

the D is Here says:

Again, great video. I'm sure you have the best channel for plumbers right now. Great information, visual examples of right and wrong . Amazing. Dont stop making these. Go from tips on grounds to fixtures! That's 100+ videos . Where I work if we glued a PVC fitting 1 1/2" + . No matter how long if needed due to mistake . We use our torch to burn/soften, to peel it out. It works great to even re use. But idk if there are consequences using the method.

Tony Preddy says:

Sol…der There is an 'L'. Nice video

justmeted1969 says:

Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

Stefan Marian Cretu says:


gadooooo1 says:

Ughhhhhh. It’s this guy. Gotta gooooooo. Stock footage boy and over dubbing with a strange accent.


Free samples available

J F says:

1. Shut the water off.

2. Get a couple empty buckets ready to catch the water

3. Cut it all out. Drain it.

4. Propress in some couplings and a new tee.

Eric Knowles says:

How to sodar video but let's the sodar fall in his tip numerous times. 😂🤭

Thomas Troy says:

The old-timers would put some Wonder bread and stuff it up the pipe to stop the water and then soldered it have you ever heard that?

Thomas Troy says:

How come I get horny when I watch this?

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