The Most INSANE Under House Plumbing Repair I've Ever Seen

The Most INSANE Under House Plumbing Repair I've Ever Seen

Come with me today as we look at the most insane under house plumbing repair I’ve ever seen! This repair makes no sense, is pretty ridiculous, and didn’t actually fix the problem the home owner was having in the first place. To really take a look at this we had to dig up under the house, under the slab and find this water line leak. Today we’re going to look at this issue, figure out the best way to fix it, and in a future video we’re going to actually come out and FIX this crazy “repair” job.

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Roger Wakefield says:

What do you think of this "repair"?
More videos of me on the field:

Caleb Wren says:

The only reason I can think of putting a shut off valve in a weird spot like that is if the homeowner for some reason still needs water that is available on the live section of the shut off and a plumber still needs to work on the end with the water cut off.

JG Valid says:

I ❤️ plumbing and heating.

Jose Elliott says:

How long did it take to trench that hole. You must. Employ gophers and all other hole digging animals.

2dthoughts says:

It never fails when you have a an open drain line and tell the customer not to flush that’s exactly what they go and do

Parker Dixon says:

Is it illegal to hire a handy man instead of a Licensed Plumber -also I appreciate you getting muddy for us hahaha

Super J says:

My opinion is to repipe entire house!

Sarojinidevi Thambapillai says:

The guy who did job cannot be plumper must be cowboy

The Urban Explorer says:

oh yes your are a muddy pup lol soupy boots lol

BlackBird says:

I was under the impression that water lines under the slab should be braised and sleeved in plastic, or wrapped in isolation tape to protect from abrasion. I have pro-pressed in the dirt during an emergency repair on a 3" type K copper line, but I wrapped the dog snot out of it with Isolation tape.

Jose Elliott says:

Great. Video brother.

Jose Elliott says:

Im from California and also a plumber. I know nothing about texas plumbing and the guidelines for texas.
But repairing a section of old leaking piping underground and knowing the rest of the line will remain underground and cause more possible leaks would be irresponsible.
Apologies just mt opinion.

Jose Elliott says:

Hello brother roger.
Do they not have attic crawl spaces or ways to reroute water lines in the ceiling or walls in Texas.
If multiple slab leaks have been found on home wouldn't it be irresponsible to repair in slab.

mike walker says:

That leak was so close to the tub box!! Probably would have been better to do repair above slab. I always reroute the line . If I have to do a repair under slab it’s silver brazed.

Armando Madrigal says:

What's the alternative if you can't put a ball valve under the slab

HVACtommyboy 91 says:

Nicely done

Gary Albright says:

please keep posting vids like this! love your studio but these are GOLD, maybe do a mix of both styles, anyway keep up the hard work Mr. Wakefield, for a retired guy like me I just enjoy reliving my plumbing adventures by binge watching these videos of you out in the field! cheers

Austin Vasquez says:

Another 🔥 vid man! keep it up, best plumber on YOutube!

jose artiaga says:

Maybe they didnt had a coupling that moment and were lazy to go get one and decided to use an expensive valve

Titansd says:

When you ask the home owner hey man dont flush I feel like they proceed to do it out of spite

El Nica says:

This is what happends when somebody wants to save money and gets anybody to do the work. now this person is going to spend a lot more money to repair the job that was done wrong from tje beginning… wow I am speachless 🤐🤐

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