The ULTIMATE Leaky Copper Pipe Fix Guide | GOT2LEARN

The ULTIMATE Leaky Copper Pipe Fix Guide | GOT2LEARN

Here are 8 DIY ways to temporarily or permanently repair a leaky copper pipe. In any case, a leaky pipe can deprive you of water till a plumber can come and fix it, and knowing these techniques will allow you to turn your water back on until a proper fix can be arranged.

How to CORRECTLY solder a copper joint:

Soldering kit I used: Not yet released!
Pipe dope I used:
Deburring pen:
Sharkbite depth gauge & deburring tool:

1/2″ soldered couplings:
1/2″ repair coupling:
1/2″ compression fittings:
1/2″ Sharkbite slip coupling:
1/2″ Kibosh emergency pipe repair:
ALFA tape:
Small roll of lead-free solder:
Freeze fix kit:

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Got2Learn says:

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Khaled Achcar says:


Philippe55 says:

There is one temporary fix that I used at home that you did not mentioned. It's cheap and easy.
This fix is definitely only a temporary fix and is only suitable for a pin hole.
I just cut a bit of rubber (like a bit of inner tube or similar) and held it in place with a hose clamp.
You need to undo the hose clamp, stretch it open over the leaking pipe, squeeze it back together and tighten it over the bit of rubber over the pin hole.

Mauricio Aguilar says:

Thank you for the video man! Me and the wife were intimidated at first, but after watching your video, we knew we could do it. Thank you once again for all your hard work in teaching this trade. God bless you!

Plumber R.J.C says:

Repair coupler I call them slip couplers end feed and you can get compression ones

DMYD Anes says:

I taught him all of these…all joke aside. Thank you for posting

tu oficio says:

Eres demasiado increíble , tus trabajos son muy buenos creo los mejores

dave daved says:

great vid. pls tell me you didnt drill your own quebec joists in your own home to hold the pipe in this vid?????????

Ranjit bau says:

👌👌👌 🔥 👍

Danny Semore says:

I have a pin hole in flexable copper gas supply line. It comes out of the floor between the footing and the slab floor. Can i solder a new piece in as you did or what are my options for a permanent fix

ZOMGoS Z says:

For freeze damage copper pipes its best to cut 6 inches on each side from hole. (removing a foot of pipe). Atleast thats what was told to me by a plumber as copper pipe expands when forzen.

ray masse says:

Tabarnacle thank my man!

David Musson says:

Great video!
One note on the shark bite that can cause premature failure of the O-ring.
I prepped a few copper pipes the same way before using the shark bite to later learn that the manufacturer wants the pipe prepped a different way. They sell a simple tool to prep the joint. They call it the
‘Depth Gauge/Deburr Tool’ and does not leave scratches as other methods require (before adding solder), and leaves sharp edges that can damage the O-ring. It may not leak now, but a few years down later it may.
It’s kinda strange that they do not caution the installer, as it could be a legal issue as damages could be costly, but only have more full instructions on their website.

Thomas Sutherland says:

awesome stuff. note..plan on your next leak so you dont have to freak out. know where the water shut off is. have emergency repair items ready. also have spare thermocouples if needed.

Joe T says:

Kool man.

You can make DIY cable connectors with copper pipe. I did some years ago… Check it out ->

Joshua Fingerman says:

To all the homeowners and “diy people”…Never repair anything that involves water, electrical, or air condition please. If you try to do it yourself and you can’t do it. It will cost you more money if you had done nothing to it. Thanks.

christian vargas says:

What about flex seal?

Bill Neu says:

Like always good info. I must thank you for making your videos interesting. Happy New Year to you and your Family. Be safe. Bill N LI NY

Honolulu 147 says:

When you tighten compression nut on 1/2 copper pipe do you do 1 full turn by wrench ? More or less ? Thanks.

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