tub shower valve replaced from start to finish:plumbing tips

tub shower valve replaced from start to finish:plumbing tips

changed out a tub@shower valve with a new style valve remover a 3 handle old style valve . new symmons tub@showewr valve with stops installed .



Danny Taveras says:

Your not suppose to put all that heat to that body with the seal and internal parts..do u know what I get when u apply heat to rubber..LEAKS…

StephenNu9 says:

A good video.

Pikjan Cahani says:

Why don't you just use the same faucet for exp a 3 handle shower faucet why you need to go and cut the tile and put that piece of shit faucet man


I fell asleep and thought I was watching Darth Vader from star wars in my dreams. Lol your heavy breathing freaked me out brother. Great video though

Blackhawks says:

How long did this job take like 1 hour ?

BigBear 1969 says:

Do you have asthma your breathing heavily

Scott Van says:

I would’ve install a shutoff valve under the valve .don’t have run up and down..

Keith Benson says:

That is the ugliest cheapest shower handle and backplate I’ve ever seen !
I just went through this ! Having a new valve put in., cost a thousand dollars to fix !

Veronica Montanez says:

Turn the fire down dude that's y that shit running like that

Jipper kipper says:

I have 1 question if you were able to gain access from the back why not just replace with a new 3 handle?

Freddie Mata says:

Great video you are a

peter d says:

Forgot plumbers putty to holes. Silicone all plates and shower parts, tub spout a must etc. Sheetrock at tub needed a back reinforcement it's a mess… sheetrock loves water it disintegrates… need cross members behind wall to fortify pipes. Movement = leaks…and sheetrock.. well see above… 1st home bath over basement so I could see leaking areas…… clear silicone at chrome areas.. silicone tub spout please… now after 12 homes smarter…. but always learning..

Liberty Patriot says:

No leaks, good job, why did you not apply sealant behind the main cover plate top and sides against the wall?

cheri bahr says:

At least you didn't cut out all the copper piping out

Susan Weiss says:

How did you get the old valve off????? That’s the hardest part and you skipped over it. Guess it was magic?

26 `5 says:

All the slob breathing had me out at 30 seconds

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