Water Pipe Fix — DYI main waterline repair video

Water Pipe Fix — DYI main waterline repair video

Video capture of a main water line self-repair in my front yard. *I am not a professional. Fixed this myself with some time and elbow grease. If you are interested in fixing a similar type of water pipe situation, maybe this step by step video of what I did will help you. Or maybe you just like watching this kind of stuff. Caveat: I am not a plumber nor a professional contractor in any way. I am no expert, just someone who likes to get in and fix things on my house, car, etc when I am able to. It’s amazing how many things you can tackle yourself — saving money and building up your home-repair resume/confidence. I’ve learned a lot from other fix-it videos I’ve seen on YouTube, and figured I’d add to that pool. This video is meant to share my experience and what I found and learned in doing this do-it-yourself job. I hope you like it and find it interesting/helpful.



James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย says:

Love compression fitting…

Anthony Ho Ho Ho says:

Great Video. Please keep us posted on your PEX project. Thanks.

ConanX Gwyn says:

great video sir… you used brass compression couplings but can we use plastic compression couplings with the iron pipe?

Jason says:

I was quoted $2150 for the spot repair and $3850 to replace the whole line…decisions decisions. I'll probably just do the whole line.

Timothy McLendon says:

Awesome Job! Save that money!

killzrus1 says:

its called a dresser coupling

G PCM says:

It's stupid to put water lines underground. But then, it's also stupid to build houses out of sticks.

seasonsla says:

Its copper…. should have put a slip coupling on it and soldered it.

Zekegames says:

Hi mygoodness, I wanted to ask you on replacing water lines, so what if, after replacing the whole line I were to put sand all around where the pipe is going to lay, would that help it so that the ground wont put so much stress on the water line? Also I'd love to spend time and talk with you about where you obtain your research on installation/repair of water lines since ours is probably at it's age limit. It's been in the ground for more than 20 years I'm assuming so I want to take the side of caution and put in that PEX line as well.

Honesty Counts says:

Instead of using a compression fitting, just use a short section of 5/8" I.D. clear 'Braided Vinyl Tubing' (available at home depot), with two all-stainless-steel hose clamps at either end of the plastic tube, and that will be cheaper, easier, and 100% leak free for decades. Compression fittings always seem to leak a bit after a while. Yeah, like you noticed: once a pipe has a pinhole leak, there is bound to be leaks somewhere else nearby also, so its best to just replace the whole line with plastic instead.

Joel Suarez says:

Hey bud good video, I'm have the same problem.

Liam Osullivan says:

i wouldn't have put WD40 on the threads

kurlym0e says:

20mm cu clamp are made especially for pin holes.good job man.

weworkforamerica says:

Tripods are a handy way of filming difficult shots with stability.

Alex Memon says:

Thanks got it

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