Why is my Kitchen Sink P-Trap Leaking at Connection Nut?

Why is my Kitchen Sink P-Trap Leaking at Connection Nut?

Today we’ll show you why your kitchen sink P trap is leaking at the connection nut, and how to perform a correct kitchen P Trap installation. No more leaky p trap pipes for you, we’ll fix that p trap leaking at joint nut issue in no time.

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P trap leaking at connection

If you have a kitchen p trap leaking under your kitchen sink, and you look to see the p trap leaking at nut connection, it is due to the column of water that is always present inside the kitchen sink p trap. So the problem arise from that p-trap nut itself and the connection of the p trap outlet to the p trap arm.

Root cause of a leaky P Trap

Look on any kitchen p trap diagram, you’ll see where the kitchen p-trap seal is located, the column of water that is always present in the p trap, that protects you from sewer gasses. Many people get a leaking p trap leaking at nuts and threads. That connection is always under water, and if it is not tightened perfectly straight and tight, you’ll get p trap leaking at threads in no time.

changing p trap kitchen sink

Sometimes we have seen cases of a leaking p trap where the connection nut on the kitchen p trap installation is cracked, or the angled connection surfaces between the kitchen p-trap outlet and the p trap arm might have micro cracks forming, which allow the water to leak out of the trap seal. These are some of your common root causes for a leaky p trap.

p trap kitchen sink installation

People often complain that they look under the kitchen sink and see the p trap leaking from bottom side of the dip. What’s really happening to cause the p-trap leaking kitchen sink is the water leaches out of the connection nut from the trap seal, you have a kitchen p trap leaking at threads and it it drips down the lower dip making the p trap leaking under sink everywhere.

replace kitchen p trap, yes you might have to

So if you have a leaking p trap and you find cracks, this video shows you how to replace the leaking kitchen p trap with a new one. If there are no cracks causing the p trap leaking at joint nuts where the p trap leak is , then try loosening the nuts, and re-seat the pipes, then tighten the P-trap connection nuts, make sure the threads are nice and tight, and retest. If you did everything right, you won’t have a leaky p trap anymore.



jeffostroff says:

✅ Kitchen sink drain tools/pipes in this plumbing tips video:

Superior Tool 3-Way Sink Drain Wrench: https://amzn.to/2XozbZp

PF WaterWorks Transparent P-Trap: https://amzn.to/2Ey8vhs

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Great video and explanation of how a P trap works and how to fix it. Thanks.

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Fill the right side and look at the water in the left trap.

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I would use pipe dopeon the seal.

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That's a illegal set up ,there should only be one trap under the sink. Each trap needs it own vent.

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a few wraps of teflon tape on all threaded connections for extra insurance too

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The tecnical name for a p trap is a hydrolic seal

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My bathroom is 1.5"

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I am not a fan of the p-trap kits they always leak. I use the solid pvc traps. Just my opinion

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FIX so if your like me you tried re positioning several times but always got a leak what finally worked was a few careful wraps with teflon tapes around the v shaped valve this is where the sealing is done so far its holding great.

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