Build a shed or buy a shed?

Build a shed or buy a shed?

This is the video I wish I had when I was trying to decided what shed was going to be the best option for me.

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Necessary Shop Time says:

Let me address a few things that keep coming up in the comments. I get it the video is a little shaky sorry about that. Also the shed cost me $740 without the cost of shingles which I already had.

Tim Heasman says:

Nice job 👍
What part of our Great Nation are you residing ?

Burke Wills says:

Bought one years ago. Graceland.about as good as it gets at that time & probably now. Paid $3650 for convenience $ so so quality. Baby was due any day so …wldve rather built

2A Enthusiast says:

Nice shed. I agree with the quality problems you pointed out at Lowes and HD. I've also seen several that had floor problems. They seemed like they could barely support me!

Don Bryant says:

Nice job. Don Bryant Architect. About to build an 8 x 12 or maybe 8 x 16. I'm on a slope so maybe a bit more complex.

Reax 22 says:

The construction of those big box store sheds are the same guys framing new homes today! TERRIBLE!

TrueRomance says:

"Fucken bomb proof" hahaha I love it. I'm getting ready to build my 10X12 Lean to.

Roger rabbit says:

nice shed, you need to insulate it and really work at organizing it and put a t.v. in there, kinda like a little guy shed. have a beer

Robert Schenck says:

Thank you for this Video. Gave me ideas for building one in my backyard. I have shingles already that were here when I bought the house and seeing what you paid for materials give me number of what to go off of.

emoshnz1 says:

Not all of us can build a shed.

Jonas Sapienza says:

Nice job! Always better to do it yourself if you can.

Alchemist power the happy vegan! says:

Would you be willing to convert a bus etc? Please leave your contact info.

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