Cladding A Shed – Really Simple

Cladding A Shed – Really Simple

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Getting the first row of cladding level is crucial but once that’s done, the cladding flies up!

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Russell Johnson says:

Is that shiplap you used for the cladding?

Bond Bondy says:

Hi mate,,how much did you pay for the tongue and groove and where from m8

Ryan H says:

Good video how big is the shed and how much cladding did you order?

Click Woodwork says:

Would it not be easier to cutting them at the start on your mitre saw

Bond Bondy says:

I need that nail gun,,Iā€™m about to make a 12/9 shed,,great video pal,,Iā€™m no joiner but Iā€™m going to attempt it after watching you videos pal šŸ‘

Thomas Haaf says:

Nice work ! Im eager to see the doors and the finished shed !

Mark Christopher says:

I can gear your mum saying, "Joe! Stop biting your nails!!" Good stuff mate šŸ™‚

Michael Evans says:

Corner uprights would finish it off Joe.

jason sanders says:

You are really milking this build joe lol

Paul Willmore's World Of Wood says:

Great Joe, that is never coming apart, you will have it done soon

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