DIY 6ft Shed Ramp

DIY 6ft Shed Ramp

Hey y’all. It feels good to get outside and enjoy the weather. As some of you know, I’ve been renovating my back yard, well it was time to add a ramp to my new shed so I can move my 4wheeler and lawn mower in and out. This is a 6ft by 8ft ramp all done with Ridgid battery tools (not sponsored)

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-Zach Manring

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ManCraftingTM says:

Way to ramp it up. 👍

Jim Dockrell says:

Nice ramp. That will make life easier. If you put some sort of finish on it and throw some sand over it while the finish is still wet it will give you a nice grip when walking on it too.

Dan The Maker Man says:

Nice build man.


Great episode Zach!!

Shogun-Jimi says:

I love how making weird noises is part of your plan – it is the simple things

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