DIY Man Cave / She Shed – Part 9 – Sheathing The Walls With OSB

DIY Man Cave / She Shed – Part 9 – Sheathing The Walls With OSB

I complete the walls by fixing structural OSB boards to the framework and weather-proofing them



Eric Scott says:

What is it that you used to water proof the osb wood? I'm building my shop and in hindsight i wish i would have bought siding. I would like my shop to end up white.

Pyewack3t says:

Looking great already.

Alexander Dunlop says:

It's coming along lovely des brilliant job mate. I've learnt alot from this project thanks. Kind regards Alexander n Sophie.

Dale Skidmore says:

I'm now at the stage of fitting out the inside with all the gear Des. Pillar drill, bench grinder, vice, work bench, radio, coffee machine…..

rich peas says:

Coming on nicely. Good tip on leaving a slight gap between the boards, it wouldn't have crossed my mind to do that. Any reason why you left the support blocks hanging out & not putting them fully underneath?

Mike G says:

I've enjoyed this series so far. Thanks for uploading 😀

Ratch Riat says:

looking good des let's hope you get it finish before xmas good luck with project.

C4sp3r says:

Really coming on well now. Tip for when using the circular saw, clamp a straight length of something to the work piece and then use it as your guide to get a nice straight cut, it works kind of like a track saw guide.

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