DIY New Shed Build – I need a Concrete floor!

DIY New Shed Build – I need a Concrete floor!

With the old shed demolished I needed to set about making a new floor and it had to be concrete, queue the time lapse!

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I decided on a concrete floor as I had 200kg of new tool chests to go in there without any tools in them and I didn’t want any flex in a wood floor. There was an existing concrete base but it wasn’t level so having never laid a brick before in my life I watched a few youtube videos and set to work. I bought a £10 set of trowels on ebay which were brilliant and used ready prepared bags of mortar, a little more expensive but gave me a consistent mix.

I laid the initial bricks to a string line and then went from there armed with a £10 ebay special one metre long spirit level.

I used engineering bricks as they only take in 7% moisture and are tough as anything, they resist frost damage very well and being flat faced it made it a bit easier to lay them.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (used with Cinema FV-5 App)
Panasonic HC-V500M camcorder (can’t buy new now, brilliant lightweight little thing!).

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Labtec C-316
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You did good on the brick work, and cement work.

Rob's Wrenches says:

So far so good Mark.

Aaron Morris says:

Nice, it would be great to see some more progress updates, I too built myself a new shed earlier this year, it all takes such a long time to do when you are doing everything yourself.

Best Access Doors says:

Awesome work! Are you going to do more videos like this soon?

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