DIY Tool and Woodshed

DIY Tool and Woodshed

Built in the style of old western boom town construction. Board and Batten siding, using rough cut, “green lumber”.



Perla Vicki says:

.*Hi Ryan, just want to thank you for your woodwork plans [Check Details Here⇒> ] I have tried several other plans and most times I get lost on what to do. This is the easiest and most simple plans ever.**

nour sayed says:

مين عملها

db styles videos says:

great job, Nice work

Gary R says:

Great craftsmanship!

azmohr23 says:

What type of mill did you use? Great job by the way. Building a one right now off of your design, minor changes.

Rok Podlogar says:

nice shed and spectacular view.

onexwright says:

I used Sansin Classic-Wheat 44

G3 auto says:

what sealer or stain did you use on this project ….

Daniel Ribeiro says:

If anyone is interested in shed plans the greatest results that I have ever had was with the Wilfs Shed Formula (just google it) definately the no.1 course i've followed.

Dan Shows says:

Great Shed! Where did you obtain the hardware for the sliding door?

Bruce Fogelberg says:

Could you share the plans for this shed? Thanks

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