How to Build a Shed 1 FLOOR and Foundation

How to Build a Shed 1 FLOOR and Foundation

Paul Ricalde gives step by step easy to follow intructions on building your own DIY shed with numerous tips that will save you time and aggrivation! This is where it begins and Paul will take you through each phase in these short to the point videos from beginning to end. This is Part one covering the foundation and floor of this shed plan.



Wilkinson Carpentry says:

Swear you’re the nicest bloke hahaha great at talking and getting the message across clear as day , great explanation for any rookie DIYer , always πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

BDBD16 says:

Glad to see you're getting on some other platforms! All of your videos are informative and you come across as a seasoned professional in your craft. Thanks!

Ted Morella says:

Thank you Paul for doing this series on building a shed. From the comments it tells us your subscribers And like myself have been waiting for you to show us how easy it is to build a shed. Your teaching is right on and you show every step in detail making it very easy to understand and follow.
You have definitely inspired my confidence in building my own shed. Looking forward to your next series part 2 on how to build a shed.
God Bless, and thank you for being there for all of us.
Ted Morella

Ann Shr says:

Excellent tutorial. Waiting for the next instalment. Thanks, Paul!

FoxRcng708 says:

Why did you run the grain parallel with your joists? I get your doing layers but I would think the grain should still be perpendicular to the joists for the subfloor.

Rick Fingerman, CFP says:

One of the best guys on YouTube

Michael Oliver says:

Don’t you ever work out!!??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Great video!!

Mary Springer says:

You are such a blessing! An amazing teacher! Thanks for the detailed video and tips.

Spencer George says:

Great video

Mark Gstohl says:

Great start!

Joe Cruz says:

Building a shed for my self is in the near future work progress every little tip counts every builder have there own style I myself build all walls and then assemble I also use the floor to lay out my truses thank for ur in put though .

Robert Buckner says:

Another excellent how to video?

telih says:

Paul's a blessing. All these tips and tricks got my DIY confidence peaked!

Paolo Spinetti says:

Hey Paul. BRILLIANT video. I thought at 13min 44 sec the rim timber was bowing down. Then I looked at the fence line and noticed it bowing up. Seems like a fish eye camera lens effect. Noticed the sub count. Congrats on breaking 200k

Billy Garfield says:

Real good instruction. Thanks!!

Morgan Dean says:

Seriously, the best explanation I've ever heard! Perfect for us normal folk… πŸ˜‚ Thank you for your time, sir!

benefit thirteen says:

That shingle shim tip is exceptionally clever.

Schlau Urheber says:

To the layman sitting at home, Paul Ricalde's "How to Build a Shed" is worth a million $'s. This is my favorite 'go-to' channel.

Tee Jay says:

Thank you very much. I will watch this a few times to insure I understand all you are explaining.

Anthony Bellard says:

Good to see my Louisiana neighbor again

Trevor Sullivan says:

Your videos are super well-made. Thank you for this topic. I was planning to build a small shed for garden tools in our back yard, and this will be an incredible reference! One small suggestion: please cut down the music that interferes with listening to you talk. πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

Mel Fallen says:

Awesome! Can't wait to see the next one. And, thanks for the tip about shingle-shims. All blessings to you & yours!

Art H. says:

Great Job I just ordeted a Shed Plan to build the New Shed…..

Tony Bowers says:

As always, thanks for sharing. You're very knowledgeable and skilled.


Never thought about using roofing shingles as a shim, great idea Paul. I'm gonna steal that idea for sure.

Michael F says:

What’s your materials budget for this project? How much higher would the budget be assuming poured concrete floor? Thanks!

Charles Gilley says:

Curious why you put OSB over over the 3/4" pressure treated plywood? Paul, I need this series done by mid December when I will start my shed! πŸ™‚

Stone Coat Countertops says:

This series is going to be amazing

Mel Kimble says:

Living vicariously through Paul. Can't wait for you to show us how to layout the pattern rafter using a Johnny square.

Ray Pratts says:

As always a great video!

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