How To Build A Shed (Part 6) – 5 Years On

How To Build A Shed (Part 6) – 5 Years On

Its been 5 years since we built this DIY shed and many people in the comments section said it would rot out in no time.We are no experts but lets have a look at how the shed has fared in our poor British weather.
Tools to build a shed.
Dewalt Battery drill
Screwdriver bits
Wood saw
Chop saw
Tape measure
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Canon EF-M 11mm-22mm lens

Gopro Hero 7 Black

Rode Videomic Pro

Lighting Boxes

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Mike N says:

Hey martin try launching a boat you will always find 10 experts on the slipway telling you your doing it wrong lol . Please don't stop the great vids just because of a few idiots that think there are experts


Ha Ha! He He! keyboard commandos. i am no expert but have built a number of sheds with my non traditional construction techniques, one at my old house at least 15 years old still standing still used. Everyone can build anything if they want to just try go do it.

tim empson says:

Hi martin im glad you dont listen to the so called. Builders out there ,who have just about the knowledge to build a leggo box best regards tim

Vdubs 60 says:

Great vid Martin 👍

Bastian from KWHBSN says:

Thanks for the update. I build a shed very similar to this in 2002 and it held up really well. I pulled it apart in 2015 because I needed a bigger shed. There was very little damage after the 13 years, only one panel at the bottom rear was a bit rotten because it was directly against some dirt. Nevertheless I changed some things on the 2015 build: Concrete tile floor, one foot overhangs all round with gutters, OSB sheating underneath the panelling (reused most of the old panelling though) and framing with 1×2 pressure treated struts 1 foot apart instead of untreated 2x4s 3 foot apart.

bullseyeant says:

Love videos like this that prove all the haters wrong, nice one! I'm waiting for the weather to get better for more transit videos, owning a Mk6 myself. Hope you and yours are keeping well 👍

kevancroftkc says:

So many people are wrong . I watched the build and thought it was quality. Now you’ve shown them ….nice one.

Kristian Thomas says:

Don’t listen to the ‘experts’. They’ve probably based their knowledge on their bodged shed builds.

Roger Deegan says:

Good man Martin…No need to prove yourself….. f*$k the begrudging keyboard warrior know-it-alls🇮🇪

Parknest says:

I haven't seen the previous shed videos so I don't know what the haters have said exactly. The condition of it after 5 years is testament to the hard work you've put into it and it has even survived a move.

paul Elliott says:

Lol you tell them mate. Arm chair critics a. Your cash, your time, do as you Dam well please Martin. Nice one.

paul irvine says:

a pleasure to watch martin any video well said man , and how about treat yourself to a new 2019 transit van IE get a bloody move on lollol well done

Mondo Daftasabrush says:

My shed is like new 22 years on because it's been creosote treated every year but the timbers it sits on are squashed and need replacement and thinking of relocating it on scaffolding poles for an new extension build
Prefer the home made recycled creosote seems to be far better than shop bought stuff

John F says:

I think you should build another one …..

Carl Rain says:

If you listen to all the experts that know everything then you would never get to do anything because they would put you off.
They very rarely have any content on there channels too.
All the best


Fence could do with a print, or better spray it like me, much less work

John F says:

Ooohhhh …. ya didn't wanna do it like that mate! 🤣

wollywotsit says:

Love follow up videos

Andrew Cousins says:

Propper job looks brilliant

gerbutt says:

That’s a coincidence, I just watched the shed series again the other and enjoyed it a second time! Good to see it’s still going strong 💪

colin mcgrath says:

To many keyboard warriors who think they know it all well done martin 👍

999thenewman says:

Hell yeah, Martin! This follow-up video was great! "Keyboard warriors," or "experts" aren't often good mechanics or builders. They do, however, tend to eat frozen pizza products while their mothers do their laundry for them. Or, in the case of older donkeys, they feel the need to compensate with what they "know" by having to go around telling everyone, every day. The old saying is, never pass a good moment to shut up and learn something.

Boondocker says:

Martin, in the states, a shed that size, built by some one else and placed on your land, would probably set you back about $3-4K. Can you tell me how much did that shed cost you in materials?

Simon Rawle says:

good to show them martin . all the shed needs is a coat of stain each year

Ashley Burton says:

A shed isn't a shed without a work bench

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