How To Build A Wood Shed

How To Build A Wood Shed

In this video I show you how to build a 3.5 cord wood shed. It is made from pressure treated wood and recycled cedar fencing.

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Peter Kautzer says:

Just came across your channel……..liked, subscribed, and very much appreciative of your presentation method. Laid back, informative, and great results. Warmed my heart to see how your kids interacted with your work zone…and how comfortable you are having them around. You also have a great looking "yard". Love it! God bless you and your family.

M M says:

God Bless you and yours. Great job young man!!

coshigould says:

Spiders would love this new house.^^

Darsiman Marsudi says:

What adorable assistants you have there 😻😻😻

KillBud Sanchez says:

When you talk about doing a particular project and a couple hours later there's recommendations on you tube ….good video like the shed .

terminator9253 says:

that's a nice place you live at.

joadhenry says:

you're a good dad buddy…nice vid

National Eric says:

Thanks for sharing. Nice build.

Jennifer Farsh says:

Thank you for sharing your build. I learned a lot. Love that you include your little helpers ❤️

Clueless Bushcraft says:

Excellent video! Thanks for sharing!

Серж Воробьев says:

конструкция обычная)))не хочу никого обидеть!!!!но дети,это просто прелесть!!!!я жалею то время,когда я работал 24 часа в день,и вдруг мой ребенок уже вырос!!!!

Shiny Insanity says:

Good job. Looking forward to more projects.

skkfor says:

Nicely done, and exactly what I was looking for. I disassembled our old deck and have a TON of usable treated lumber, with which I plan to build a similar shed. I like the idea of using the concrete piers instead of digging post holes. Many thanks for the post, bud!

William Tyndale says:

Nice shed, great presentation, keep up the good work, Frank! Family homesteading and homeschooling is the Lord's answer to the degradation of the culture. I feel this strongly in my heart. Got yourself a sub, brother. God bless you and your family.

Kęstutis K says:

Great video

John Ashcraft says:

Wow! Great video! Just discovered your channel and subbed immediately. Your kids are luck, as are you. What state do you live in? Take care and God bless ya.
John in Colorado

Sean Caruthers says:

Great video! Thank you!!

Back to the Basics 101 says:

I instantly subscribed as soon as you talked about this is the day the Lord has made. Thank you for being a Godly father to your child. We are the salt of to this world, we must not be bashful of our love for Christ. My YouTube channel I put a Bible scripture on every single time and most the time I talk about the love of God. We are the light to this dark world. Thank you, I look forward to watching your other videos.
Happy trails

J H says:

Hi. Nice design. I'm going to do something similar but I have a question, if you don't mind. It appears most of your floor, even the center supports, are held up by screws. There's no support from underneath the rim joists on 3 sides. Screws are not known for their shear strength. What kind of screws are you using?

I am not in construction, and I'm sure you know a lot more about this than I do but I'd hate to see that floor collapse. Especially with kids around. If on second look you think it's an issue, you could put some 2x vertically under the rim joists down to the blocks like you did up above.

rodney adams says:

nice. hope menaredes has roof hangers and cement blocks were neat fit post nice. got cement farm blocks problem use mine stick red brick in bottom if find anything els.

Hermen Lomas says:

Subscribed bud ! And liked awesome content

K. Cashman says:

Nice job! And ya got some fine helpers too! Thx for the vid.

Patrick Steinmetz says:

Outstanding video! Many thanks for posting this. Much appreciated. God bless.

тимур деянов says:

крутой мужик , молодец !

Dale Martin says:

Nice looking design and use of materials. Good to see kids outside playing and learning. I loved "helping" my dad when he built a garage when I was about five.

Trailbound co says:

where you out of? sort of looks like Oakhurst, ca or bend, or

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