How to Pour a Small Concrete Shed Slab

How to Pour a Small Concrete Shed Slab

How to pour a concrete shed slab! In this video we pour a 18 x 8 concrete slab with a small step to it to keep water out from the shed! This is a great DIY project and essential for homeowners to keep all there tools or other items they may need to store! Hope you all learn something and enjoy the video! Thanks for supporting us! Dont forget to LIKE,SHARE,SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT if there are any questions!

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brian adams says:

Good video. too short though.

gmguy156 says:

This is one of those deals where I find myself going.. Why in the Hell, didnt the homeowners have that poured in the first place!

Tom Teseletec says:

Real detailed instructional. Thanks !


The funny thing about wearing hospital scrubs when you fart will rip the material up 不不不不不不不不不不 We still like when you wear shorts Uncle David to show off those legs 不

JCMotorsports says:

No plastic underneath the slab that is going to be covered?

塈塈堥塈 japan says:

How wonderful you are, my dear friend Mr.Odell and how great your work and very well I admire you very much…. cheers

Big Boss says:

Very neat job 胼

Miss Smith says:

Great work as always

Ben Villa says:

Why no rebar?

Zippy TheChicken says:

i don't think i like that setup .. the distance between the shed and the house.. i think thats going to get old real quick

Nermin Kurtic says:

Probably a dumb question, but how do you ensure compaction…?

DanksFoSHo says:

Is this a normal design in Cali?

drumtwo4seven says:

Lesson learned do not push the limit in scrubs.

Sound advice well received.

Thumbs up

drumtwo4seven says:

Thumbs up 191
Comment no 26

Another sweet OCC video!

Mak Terry says:

Newbie here…whats the difference between wet&dry cutting?

Alex Aldaco says:

David odell to solve you scrub ripping ,

Get dickies scrubs . Super heavy duty and built to last

Sci Co says:

can you please include contractor average price and do it your self price in your videos?

p lau says:

In your line of work or in your career did you ever do concrete , on the commercial side? Ifso which one do you enjoy doing, residential or commercial work?

arkansas13 says:

Great finish on surface! ….13

Jason Cannon says:

This is going to very helpful for my next project.

Jere616 says:

Always nice to get a video from your company. Nice work again. Good crew too.

MG says:

Unreal, made it look so easy. I like when you do jobs with your sons.

Andrew P. says:

I think I now know enough about concrete just to be a bit dangerous. Lol. I have a small 4 foot by 30 foot area on the North side of my house that Id like to pave, in order to put a small hide away shed on the North side of my house. Youve almost given me enough information to do the job myself. I got a quote from a guy who said itd be 1,000$ to pour. How does that quote sound? What would you bid it at? Does it sound like this would be a job for a homeowner with a little bit of know how?

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hello, tell me what brand of concrete was used, how much is 1 meter3 or 1 foot3? Thank you for your channel and your work! It is very interesting! I am from Russia, and we have very little use of concrete in the residential sector.

Matt Bartone says:

What kind of boots do you guys wear?

Jon Jacobs says:


Is there a rule of thumb for the cost of a poured driveway with rebar? Im in the Midwest. Is there is ballpark for cost per square foot? Im in need of a new driveway.


A A says:

From Arabic man … Thanks for doing the beautiful

oddo pops says:

Nice video

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