Insulating the Floor of my Shed to be Workshop

Insulating the Floor of my Shed to be Workshop

Using rigid #insulation underneath my #shed floor to keep out the extreme warm and cold for my new backyard #workshop.

I worked with Home Depot on this project and you can find more information here: #THDPartner

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Edward Iglesias says:

This video reminded me so much of the Blake poem "The Chimney Sweeper". In Victorian times they employed small boys of 6 or 7 to clean out industrial smokestacks. Any older and they would not fit. They would be lowered down on ropes.

Joseph Krug says:

Good job 😃. If you have to go under again, and if you have sheets of cardboard, put those on the ground first. They help keep the dirt down and let you slide around much easier. That is what I have done in the past at least.

B Templeton says:

Are you planning on installing skirting around the base of the shed? That would turn the space under the shed into dead air, which is a good insulator.

Norm Borger says:

Linn, just a suggestion but you may want to consider closing in the bottom of the shed with lattice. This way you keep leaves from collecting underneath which will also deter critters from turning it into their new home.

Four0Six OnTheFly says:

This was a great video, I loved your comments!!!!

David's Dreadshop says:

One of my ultimate goals is to build a small cabin in the woods here in Maine where I can go on the weekends with my dogs and spend the nights by the fire building things with my collection of restored antique hand tools. Your shed series is really inspiring me to make a little more effort in making that dream a reality. Thank you so much for another great video.

Bill Davis says:

Goathead is thinkin that if you had to jack up the bdg anyway that give yourself 2 extra feet of crawlspace to insulate then later set the bdg down to working height. Not being a troll, honest. Watch all your vids BTW. Love yer pup!

IzNoGuD Surfer says:

You should do a second layer . 2x 7.5 R and in the walls you have 13 R. It would be much better.
but you could also lay the foam boards on the floor and cover it with Plywood.

pijnto says:

Leaving the insulation uncovered, will that not be a haven for rodents to make a new home

KC Hughes says:

I'm proud of you

Fernando Kugi says:

Cool, but if you use the jack to up a little the shed it will be mutch easy…


I love you where can i find my self a wife as amazing as you plz .

Jeff Trag says:

You said of course you started with the easiest part. I have always had a philosophy when doing a project where I do the hardest part first when I am fresh and have the most energy. That way the project goes down hill so to speak. Of course to each their own way.

Mike Reslie says:

Also, have you considered a small mini-split unit versus the window AC and space heater. I had one installed in an uncooled/unheated part of my house here in Georgia and it works fantastic. Sometimes I have to turn up the temperature in the summer because it gets the space too cold. I'm sure you guys could install it yourselves which would make it pretty affordable even if you have to upgrade the power at your shed.

TheBeerbelly007 says:

Good stuff Linn—

giovanni petitti says:


Frank DiLoreto says:

If you do end up spray foaming the cracks and gaps. I would look into buying some flexible tubing that is the same diameter as the spray foam and attaching it to the nozzle right after the trigger. That way you spray the foam can upside down, as it's designed, and have more maneuverability where your spray foam is going. Can't wait to see more on this!

Daniel Shultz says:

I’ve got a shed I want to do this too.

Mike Reslie says:

You know that little jolt, like an electrical shock, that you get when you see a child fall down? Well I got that same jolt when I clicked to play this video and the first image was of you under your shop. I watched the video of you jacking up the shed so I am not completely convinced its stable. Just saying.

Alexander Gusmão says:

Maybe your issues are a bit out of order. I have followed the development of the enlargement of his workshop, which by the way is getting excellent.

Umesh Tyagi says:

I got 1st like this video hahahahaaa

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