Insulating The Shed / Workshop

Insulating The Shed / Workshop

Started insulating the shed / workshop with rigid insulation and Great Stuff Foam. Pretty easy cutting foam board and spray foaming around the edge. Insulation works great in my small makers space. I shot the video with an iPhone 8 plus and edited with iMovie. My website: … Beard Oil –

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The Bearded Woodworker says:

Interesting….. foam insulating with expanding foam in the seams. I like it! Should be good for sound proofing too. Good luck, brother!

vantha doun says:

Your video just ended. I really thought you would talk more about the spray gun, giving the benefits and drawbacks. That ending was very fast.

Pete says:

U still on u tube cant find u

Ross Potts says:

Out of curiosity, why didn't you just cut the foam boards more to size? Were you just trying to use up the spray foam?

cheap homesteading says:

Great job that reminds me I need to insulate my garage better. Have a good one man

kendia1972 says:

Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.

Dubbz Ly says:

I want to make my shed stay cool as possible and dry. Will that styrofoam and foam spray be able to keep hot or warm air out of my shed during the Summer?

niall gormley says:

are you not supposed to leave a small gap between the insulation and the wall of the shed to stop sweating. After a while you get moister build up and this will over time rot the timber of the shed.

Tim Reid says:

Liquid nails makes a special glue for gluing styrofoam. The regular stuff you used eats away at the styrofoam and eventually the styrofoam breaks away from the wall. But maybe the great stuff will help keep it in their.

Kwat Man says:

i recently began insulating a shed to turn into a workshop. THe weather turned warm and i found the inside of the shed to be dripping wet with condensation, including the insulation. I have it opened now to air out. My question is.. Should all this insulation be alright or will it need to be replaced? Im thinking that the sooner i put a space heater in the workshop to regulate the temperature, the less moisture that will build up. anyways, thanks for any help!

Al Perez says:

Can you share an update on your experience with foam and rigid insulation? Thank you.

Dr. Jimes Tooper says:

You can leave the can of foam connected to the gun as long as you don't let it sit for more than 30 days. Running cleaner through the gun after every use is going to wreck the seals inside of the gun in no time.

Kraken Studios says:

That's cool. I can't believe you put the insulation in upsidedown!! 😉

Derek's Workshop And Projects says:

Didn’t know they made a gun for that stuff. Thanks man!

Steve Carmichael says:

I didn't know they had a gun like that. Will have to get one next time I use that stuff.

The Beard x16 says:

not long now ,have you sorted your lighting out ,i bought a load of the outdoor whitelight led's for filming purposes and they work really well

cheap homesteading says:

Great job man the The foam gun works good. Have a good one my friend

Hope This Works says:

great stuff andrew!:):) pun intended:)

T.O.A.G says:

I need to do this for my shop also. Looks like it is not to bad of a job. . The foam gun looks like a keeper.

Wrenches and Boards Homesteading says:

Awesome job and great video. Have a great Labor Day Weekend friend.

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