Man vs. Wooden Shed: A DIY Fail!

Man vs. Wooden Shed: A DIY Fail!

In today’s vlog we stay home and work on the house! We clean up the pool and start taking down a small wooden shed in the backyard. We have a bit of a set back in our demolition progress when we hit a pipe and break it! Then someone from the city had to come out and help fix it. All in all, it was an eventful day and we’re happy it’s over haha! Thank you for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow with a new vid!

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David Thacker says:

This one could have easily been called "the one where Tim almost dies" I think u got a little sun today Tim.

Belgium Dashcam says:

Next time use dynamite XD

Matthew Cox at Glossop Tours says:

Hope The Tracker Family had a Cracking Easter!

Karen Whieldon says:

wish I waiting for my teeshirt now it's cost me £11 import fees on top of the postage fees so all in all £40 or more 😢

HeritageChild says:

When I read about the burst pipe yesterday, i was afraid it was one in the bathroom. At least it was outside. Will you have to build some sort of housing for it once the shed is gone?

Craig Rogers says:

Nice work Tim 👍👍👍

1978rharris says:

See that shed of yours, Tim? If that'd been my shed i'd've set to it with a sledge hammer. Knock out a few pillars strategically and watch the whole thing come down in controlled chaos, laughing maniacally as it falls.

But that's just me. 😂

nick85able says:

Damn she gave you a B lol gotta love a woman who can be honest 😉

Hertexpo Fashierte says:

How were those stuffed peppers, Tim?

HDSlipk says:

Hi Tim and Jen thank you for all your vids and PLEAS follow to my instagram HDSlipk.1

gibbs1966 says:

Easter is over in like 1 1/2 hour here in Norway 🙂

A hello to all of you followers of this great family.
Hugs from me to all of you

Greetings from Oslo,Norway

Nick Lafleur says:

happy Easter Tim and Jen. Great video. I love you guys so much. I'm going to universal this Wednesday and I really really hope you guys are there cause I really want to meet you guys

Jacob Tanner says:

What software do you use to edit your videos?

Bitchtheman says:

watching tim work made me tired!!!

Disney4ever21 says:


VivaLaMeDuh says:

Hey Tim and Jenn 👋🏻

gg41626 says:

1st can you do more vlogs like this

Kadence Lohry says:

Notication squad

little baca says:

3rd hello tim and every 1

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