Shed to house 16ftx50ft Derksen 4 month progress tour

Shed to house 16ftx50ft Derksen 4 month progress tour

We’ve been working SO hard here on The Crocker Homestead!! We wanted to give you guys an update on what we have done so far! It’s a TON of HARD work, but it IS worth it!! If you’re thinking about doing this, DO IT!! Start TODAY!! You’ll only regret the time you could’ve spent making your dreams come true!! WE BELIVE IN YOU!!




How much was it?

alton Davis says:

Are wall studs 16" on center or 12" ? Can u get 12" on center wall?

T.M. H. says:

You all must not be identical twins, huh?? You guys have made a real nice house. What I want to know is, how does the county treat a shed to a house? Here where I live you can put a shed on your property that sits on blocks, no poured footing. But I don't think they would go for living in one. Does the county have some ruling about using one for a house?

Falcon Trek says:

I’m thinking about doing this myself

abel romero says:

Common people this is a fucken mobile home…..

sissy murphy says:

get a air fryer oven .I use mine more than my oven in my range .Great job by the way .sheds these days are overlooked as a home and can be a much cheaper alternative to a high mortgage .I turned my shed into a guest house and every one loves it

James mcquoid says:

I love it more and more Americans aint buying in to the BS ,they are saving money and time by doing things like this$$$ When our country first started people build from this Idea fast and cheap because the had no other way$$ The cost of living keeps going up but our fucking pay does not but the Rich keep getting Richer how the fuck did that happen.Fuck the Democrooks vote Trump 2020 build the mother fucking wall .2nd mother fucking amendment rights are just that our Right so protect them or some ass wipes like the Clintons and Obumas will dick us all over.and the fucking celebrities dont no shit stick with making your bull shit movies

Maurice Diggs says:

Wow I have a 16×50 shed out back I wasn’t doing anything with but you gave me some great ideas do you have a blue print

pete Stockbauer says:

What was total cost

Deadsy Padilla says:

With little to no skills, you too can build a closet to come out of.

swcomer says:

No stove!? i'm shocked.

Tray Brown says:

Well done! Love it!

David Derbyshire says:

The kid's bedrooms dont even have drywall but you made sure your tv is all set and ready to go. now thats a dad with priorities.

Daymond ' Chief ' Jones News Media says:

Thanks.. great video brother…

pms1953 says:

Love your house. It’s beautiful. Can’t wait to see it done

David Ramsey says:

I think that it's funny going through the comments on here. Most folks haven't stopped to think about the fact that a "normal" house say 1500sqf. Was considered to be a large home/house not to long ago. People forget that for thousands of years people lived in one room huts that may have been around 100sqf to 200sqf. I've seen plenty of original homestead houses where 10 kids were raised be very small (if not extremely small). In less than a hundred years people's mindsets have changed. So I applaud you and your brother for doing this.

Gail McCanless says:

Does each bedroom have a bathroom?

Hello Keto says:

Looks great! I love the electric fire place and custom windows!!!

Burnett BBQ says:

Why not mini splits for heating/cooling?

Nathan Spears says:

Wow I love it!! Looks amazing!

Mary McLendon says:

Looking great !!!

Christine Overton says:

An induction cook top would work better, and it's more energy efficient. I have one in my RV so I don't heat up the inside of it with the gas stove. I also purchased a GE induction range for my home. I love it.

Hog Wild says:

I would have a sore neck looking up at that TV.

Heru- deshet says:

You call this a shed?! Ha Ha!

Candy Smith says:

I want a fireplace like that in my bedroom. Nice!!!

El Jefe says:

The accent wall makes a huge difference, great job!

pickinnick100 says:

It’s 12 feet, not “12 foot,” you hick

Timothy Ouellette says:

16×50 is not a shed its a mobile home!

ToyManFlyer1100 says:

Dammmmmm !!!!!…Dude…You Ballin'!!!!!….How much was the land cost…..????…I'm from Central Texas…Land here is ridiculously high!!!!

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