2019 Cool Cement DIY Projects Ideas

2019 Cool Cement DIY Projects Ideas

Concrete & Cement are currently tending in the home decorating world. Let’s explore a few DIY Project ideas we can attempt to bring the trend to our homes! 2019 Cool Cement DIY Projects Ideas

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Cherry Blossoms says:

How does the concrete not stick to the containers being used ? Do we need to apply anything to the containers before pouring the mixture into it ?

Dolly Hafez says:

So is this channel made to collect other ppl work in one video?

Deleimy Castillo says:

You are very talented, but cant help wondering how much money, + time.

Fayza Alwleed says:


Carmalita Kleynhans says:

Awesome lady your so creative lovely job well done

Easy creative lifestyle By Salina chowdhury says:

Wow cool idea dear friend 🤗👍🏼

Bonnie Newkirk-Rhoades says:

Quikcrete is a brand name, you need to specify what you are using because that is CLEARLY NOT concrete/cement. Concrete has gravel in it & would not have that smooth consistency.

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