back porch enclosure

back porch enclosure

This is how we enclosed the back patio to make a three season room.

The music is: Sovereign by Kevin MacLeod


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Brad S says:

how thick was the slab you built it on? did it have footings or no? trying to do something similar

Susan Polanski says:

You did an amazing job! I love how it just flows from the main part of the house and does not look like an addition. Well done, sir!

Will Martin says:

I want to enclose my patio like this but my roof overhang goes about 4 inches into the patio where my wall would be (my patio has a slanted roof). Can I still enclose it? Do I just notch the 2x4s around the roof overhang?

Here is a link to a picture. (Hopefully you can open it) The roof comes under the patio.

Roses Are Red says:

Did your concrete pad already had footings to build a structure on top? I just had a concrete pad poured in my backyard and would love to do a sun enclosure in the future but we didn't ask for footings. Good job looks great!

Christina N. says:

U should have given info on this .. like price. And material list. That's what everyone wants to

eins ten says:

How much did you spend?

Patrick Doty says:

No header above windows? That roof better not get snow load otherwise its deffinetly gonna rip off those joist hangers

Colten LaRoche says:

I love the funeral music. it’s fantastic

abisai espinoza says:

how did he attached the walll or framed the walls to the pre existing slab or concrete? no footings? did he used masonry
anchors ?

None of Your business says:

Isn't this funeral music?

Casey says:

I wish instead of the music you did a narration of the step by step process. Do you have blueprints? I would love to see them. Great job

gerard gray says:

I would like to know what kind of windows did you use mine is enclosed I just need windows but don't know what kind to get

Lee B. says:

I have a similar looking house and I've wanted to put a backyard extension or sun room on it for awhile. This gives me inspiration. Looks great. Thanks for sharing your photos!

Dave the pond guy says:

beautiful job

Jameson Miles says:

May I ask how much this cost was for this job?

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