DIY Sunroom Removal

DIY Sunroom Removal

Another DIY from JEM Sessionz! This time we are taking down the sunporch in the back of the house. Not only do we have to take down the structure, we have to get rid of the two coats of white paint! Easier said than done, but we will get it done. . . eventually!

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Filmed using a DJI Osmo Pocket
Edited using Final Cut Pro X
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jims journey3 says:

I don't think I've ever been so nervous watching a video before! You guys really go big and I wish you well on your project, as always it's really nice to see you and thank you for your update.

Crin Palmer says:

What a job, good luck!

The Brookhart Project says:

Is "sticky outy" a technical term? Loved it!

MinnieWishes says:

Oh Yeaaah I'll join in 🤣 How utterly amazing to see all the effort you guys are putting in to your house. I love to see all the changes you are making. It's gonna be well worth it in the end!

rolandkf71 says:

Lowe’s has a creme colored vinyl rail that may be a close match. Trex is little more up front but with low maintenance and a long life span, it’s a good choice. That brick though!?! Good luck with that.

Doctor Cara says:

Wow! That was a lot of work, but looks nice!

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