How I Framed Walls To Enclose Porch Patio, Vid #5

How I Framed Walls To Enclose Porch Patio, Vid #5

A demonstration of how I framed 2×6 wood walls on a roofed patio to create a new room and expand living space. This is video #5 in my porch conversion series.

Tools and materials:
Stainless steel screws:
Circular Saw:
Impact Driver:

These walls needed to be stick framed in place one piece of lumber at a time. This strategy differs from an often more common approach where walls are built on the ground and raised into place. Standing framed walls was not an option here so I show my techniques on how I built these walls one piece of wood at a time. I simply needed to incorporate some design planning, a few tools (saw, drills, measuring tape, etc), and 2 X 6 Lumber.

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DL Construction says:

That is completely illegal in California did you pull a permit for that❓That’s now add living space to the structure and is the foundation underneath that slab big enough to carry the load of all that framing you put on their ? The roofing the walls all the windows the Drywall whatever you decide to put on the exterior all that is dead load now going on A porch that was probably only a 3 to 4 inch slab no stem foundation or reinforcing steel that will start separating from the house sooner than later that would not fly in California you would get shut down real quick. I love DIY videos but not when they tell people how to do stuff the incorrect way some directions were pretty Thorough on how to do a couple things but the big picture the structure is all wrong. Therefore a bad video is not my intention to make you look bad. My intention is to help people have the right knowledge unfortunately this video should be shut down. Gives everyone the fall sense that they can just enclose any porch or patio which you cannot do common sense if you know anything about structures and wait displacement. Is that a porch/ slab doweled into the existing foundation probably not most porches are but additions are another reason why not a good video. 👎🏼🤷🏽‍♂️

Matt Thomson says:

Amen, ha! Very creative work. So is the narration. If only my porch was a wee bit larger….

Sajid Rafique says:

Das ist ein gutes Video !

Rick Deckard says:

Really well done video thanks

Ronnette Graham says:

How much does this cost?

DONNELL B. says:

It's nice to see someone do it right.

Pasha Haletskiy says:

You camade it too. just used woodprix instructions. just click the pig on that website :)))

joaquin lopez says:

you used screws on the whole job ?
what is stronger nails or screws ?
what last longer screws or nails ?

J Pierre says:

This looks so great. I wish we had someone like you to hire in California.

Ayato Touka says:

Me gusta esos tips ,me atudan mucho para mis travajos gracias x mostrar sus conocimientos les agradecí

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