How to Enclose Your Porch with Clear Vinyl

How to Enclose Your Porch with Clear Vinyl

Winter is just around the corner, so we decided to enclose our screened porch so that we could enjoy it for more of the year. Karen describes how.

In fact, we finished the project just in time to host our family Thanksgiving diner on the porch.
Per request, here are the links.

Grommet kit came from Lowes, and I’ve seen them at Harbor Freight and other hardware stores.



eltouristoduo says:

hmm I bet that tape will break down in a few months outside…especially if sun gets on it. Idk, but I know normal duct does break down quickly. I would instead try to find some heat-sensitive adhesive strip about an inch or 3/4 wide, and put that inside 'hems' or folds you make around the edges of plastic. same idea but should be more durable than tape. Thanks for great video, idea and tip on getting 20 or thicker? ga plastic ! ALSO>..! see below for better idea if you want neater look that seals heat/cold better…make panels like you were making painting canvases. even better.. stretch plastic on BOTH sides if you want insulation. then hang.

Garzon Laperle says:

Nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google WoodPrix and learn how to do it easily.

Dennis Marble says:

Now that was a very well done video presentation.  Clear, concise with excellent video and audio.  Karen, you are a great teacher.  Thanks for taking the time to help those interested.

lola johnson says:

Enjoyed your video … We put shrink plastic up EVERY ( 🙂 ) year looks great & usually last all year if a bird doesn't decide to fly into it … very clear , just like glass . After watching this we may try using the material's you have used , we have to throw away the shrink plastic each yr. … Thanks again

thinkhtink says:

Nice work and very useful video. Thanks for sharing.I do have one question. Do you have a similar set up with screens that you can switch out when the weather is warmer?

Judy Wanamaker says:

I use the vinyl panels only in the winter and store them in the summer. They shrink between 2 and 4 inches. Any suggestions on how to return them to their original size?

Hypercube9 says:

Wow. You spent way too much time and way too much money doing a bad job that doesn't even seal completely!

You can buy a roll of 10'x25' plastic wrap in various thicknesses at Home Depot for only a few bucks. Grab a few 8 foot stripes of wood while you're there. Wrap one end of the plastic wrap around a piece of wood several times, then put the screws through the wrapped wood. This will provide a complete seal, the wood will be protected from the weather so it can be reused and it will distribute the weight of the plastic wrap better than grommets or Velcro can. Continue onto the other end (if it's long enough), wrap another piece of wood and secure that to your porch wall. You'll probably have an extra foot at the top and bottom that you can use to wrap more wood and then secure that. Or if you want you can just use a staple gun to secure the top bits and any other vertical pillars you may have. Shouldn't take more than a hour or two.

Mark Cosens says:

You recommend gaff tape over duct tape, but gaff tape usually has a fabric backing compared to the vinyl backing off duct tape. Would the vinyl backing be better at resisting mold due to getting wet? How has the gaff tape held up over the years since doing this?

Cassandra Griffin says:

Thanks for posting this. I paid to have someone install plastic on in my screened breezeway and it come down the next morning. Last year I tried to use clear vinyl shower curtains on a rod to enclose the screens, but it didn't work. I am going to try it again using the tape around the edges and the screws at the top like you suggested.

Matthew Lavergne says:

You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

Sherry Stacy, RN says:

I am so happy to have found this wonderful presentation! I've downsided into a +55 community and have a small balcony on the 2nd floor. Karen's instructions and video are exactly what I was hoping to find. I read the comments and believe for me and my situation the velcro is the way to go.
Now, if anyone has an idea as to how I could have it extend "past my balcony" by 12 inches all the way around the outside…….that would be awesome. I have plants on the railing and I have hanging baskets I really wanted to keep as I grow some leafy greens. I live in NE Ga in Ringgold.
The area that is open at my balcony that I wish to cover is 11 foot 7 inches across
and 7 foot 5 inches down.

There are so many wonderful helpful people with great ideas, thought someone can pass some ideas my way.

If not, I'm doing it Karen's way! ….Gosh, I've been thing about this for months wondering how to block the constant cold winds at this apartment complex on a hill.
…..It's nickname is Windy Hill!
Thank-you for this video!!
Ms Sherry

Rocky MountainLady says:

Hi!  This is great!  How about the door ?

Misty Buffum says:

This is nice. I was just thinking while watching her roll this out that I had seen this clear vinyl down on the rolls where I buy my table clothes. I have a small porch and was thinking of giving this a go.

Amit Singh says:

Brilliant !! and thank you. I just saved a thousand dollar watching this video,

Remington Mcneese says:

Just google woodprix 😉 I made my own thanks to woodprix instructions 🙂

Elle VanderSchuur says:

Just ordered my viny and tape, what size grommets?

Mollysky1 says:

Brilliant!!! Thank you! (And BRAVA!)

anne salonen says:

HI! its good idea. bu…. we're living in Finland… do you know how much it can take coldness, 'cause here can be – 30 celsius… thanks allready.

M A says:

Very nice instructions. Thank you. Wish I could slap each smart butt commenter for you.

Lisa Hubbard says:

This is a great idea! Thank you! I may see if I can find some clear vinyl shower curtains that already have the grommets in them and add more grommets as needed to the bottom.

AJoy says:

Thank you for making this video!

Vera Wroe says:

This is very useful and seems to work well. My problem is i'm renting so will need to find a method that doesn't require making holes/nails etc. Any ideas? Gauge Is pronounced g a g e. Thanks.

Robert Bell says:

Nice job! Very clever!

Jerry Simeone says:

hi. thanks for the idea but my question is cant the grommets go right into the vinyl or is too weak that the tape is needed?

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