Interior Design — Bright Sunroom Porch Makeover

Interior Design — Bright Sunroom Porch Makeover

Learn how to freshen up a front porch for spring! On, style expert Reiko Caron transforms a dark and dated entry into a bright room with functional zones. See how she incorporated a mudroom area where the homeowner’s two young boys can store shoes and sports equipment, and an inviting lounge area with sun-proof outdoor furniture and colourful accents.

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Ryan Kudasik says:

Looks good, but you lose heat efficiency. Dark colors absorb and retain the radiant heat thus greatly reducing the energy needs. Esp if it's brick and/or cement. White just reflects it all back out. Obviously not everyone cares, but I guess I'm arguing the should. The difference is noticeable to your wallet and the environment.

Grisselle Mora says:

the floor being painted is such a update

Doaa Alajaj says:

absolutely love it 

Elsa says:

When they painted the whole room with those nice and settle tones i litteraly said: Yes girl omg!!!I love you!Nice choice of colors!!!

Sandy says:

looks amazing o:

Kevin Kevin says:

Good job 🙂 so cozy

salsasister1 says:

Really nice

Widya Madrin says:

Nice. I love it!

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