Porch Roof Framing & Shingles – How To

Porch Roof Framing & Shingles – How To

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This was a quick shed roof build to cover my air compressor and dust collection system.

It has been too cold to paint so I pre-assembled and painted as much as I could in the shop. Then brought the components out to build it as quickly as possible.

I think it went relatively well.

Thanks for watching!

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Brad S says:

for the part you already had preassembled , u used 4×4 posts and used 2x4s for rafters, ledger and top plate/nailer don't know the name of that, ? im doing same thing but wanted to know could I do that same way? the rafters are sitting on a 2×4?

Nelson Cubillas says:

awesome bro, i have a question for you, do you know the recommended pitch or slope for a roof with shingles, thanks in advance

tijgerprintje57 says:

Great video…thank you Sir.

joeny1980 says:

Great video, very doable. I've got an already installed patio cover … its framed in 2×4's, rafters 24" on center, as well as (I don't know the proper term but) framing in between the rafters perpendicular every 30", the whole thing resting on 3 steel post. It currently has plastic panels, but I'd really like plywood and shingles. Roofer didnt think 2x4s were substantial enough to support a roof, but I don't see why not. Thoughts?

destravlr says:

Here in northern California, I admire your ideas and your work. What I'm looking for is ideas for fireproof construction; metal and stone. It's frustrating when living in a residential neighborhood. It the neighbors are burning, chances are my place will burn too, so why bother; use wood?

Dennis Fajardo says:

Damm brother, you're quick!!!😂😂😂😂😂👍👍

Gary Penney says:

Nice to watch someone who knows what he's doing. Good job.

Milwaukee Muscle says:

What about the pitch? How do you determine the pitch?

Lu Cho says:

But you forgot the door?

Agreeable Dragon says:

Great job! But wait a minute. What are you standing on when you're walking on the rafters? It looks like there's boards underneath your feet but we can't see them. Like around 1:27.

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