Porch to Sun Room Conversion

Porch to Sun Room Conversion

The 2 week process of converting an under roof porch to a Florida sun room.



Chris Sims says:

Great video thank you! I am thinking about doing the same but after seeing the brick knee wall and columns … I may do that first.

Steve Oi says:

The Exact type of video i was looking for. Thank you kindly sir! 👍

Stephanie Sesler says:

LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! So much help! THANK YOU!!!!!

Brenda Garcia says:

Great job! Did you need it to have permit for this addition?

Greg Kiejko says:

Is the flashing drywall corner bead? That stuff rusts like crazy…

Duvi Baez says:

Very well explains

Duvi Baez says:

I love your video. How you did it all an your self

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