24 Hours in a TreeHouse with my Sisters

24 Hours in a TreeHouse with my Sisters

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My sisters and I stayed in a treehouse for 24 hours! This treehouse was so cool, it had a dome shaped roof where the bed was and a grill outside where we made dinner. We loved the long adventure in the woods to get there and enjoyed being outside in nature with our favorites. If you enjoy watching The Feldman Sisters adventures together then please leave a comment down below requesting where you would like to see us travel next and go subscribe to my sisters channels linked below! Love you guys, and thanks for watching!!

Saige’s channel: http://bit.ly/2LlQ6sG

Mia’s channel: http://bit.ly/2Ba1bEW

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Kalia Machado – @kaliaemachado

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Susan @itsdreamcat

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Intro and End Card created by Susan

Thank you for watching my video and I hope you enjoyed! You guys make me so happy and I hope to do the same for you. Thank you for giving me the chance to do what I love everyday.
Love, Cloe Breena

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CloeCouture says:

I hope you guys enjoyed!!! Another sister road trip adventure. Also we are about to hit 6 million members of the GLITTER Gang!!!! Subscribe if you haven’t yet! (It’s free)

Shaun Bicknel says:

Mansion please

Eden Miller says:

In a 5 star hotel for the present lady

hellocandy 1175 says:

How pregnent is mia how much months

Olivia’s World! says:

Um except I have one concern about this video: the background music was soooo loud in the intro so I could barely hear you!! So sorry just wanted to let you know!

_ ADLPS _ says:

I think you guys should do 24 hours in a mansion.

Emma Vlogs says:


Alphagalaxywolf says:

Who is more sassy?? Hmmm probly Khloe XD but y'all are sassy and love your vids can u do 24 hours in a underground safe with your sisters

Addie's Adventures says:

Can you plz live in a tiny van house

Olivia’s World! says:

Who else is excited to cloe to hit 6 million subscribers??! Cause I am! 🙋🏼‍♀️ love your channel. Also this girl trip inside the tree house looks fun! Great video love you cloe!! P.s. plz heart this comment! Thanks!!! ❤️

The Jungle Girl says:

I never new mia was prego :OO 😱😱😱

Emmalyn Simmerer says:

24 hours in a tent
This many people agree with me

Yaniv Shabtai says:

A jumping place

Addie's Adventures says:

Cloe:it’s so beautiful
Mia *ruening the moment*:I hear a goat

Lily Clark says:

24 hrs in a mansion , love u clo

Angi Dudas says:

Whenever you cut something you have to tuck your fingers in

Jennifer Patterson says:

Omg I love that house!!

Sarai Smith says:

24 hours in a mansion

Amaya Avila says:

Go to a mansion for 24 hours

Oakley Truxell says:

24 hours in a rv camper

pixie eytchison says:

24 hours in a mansion

Raynika Kumar says:

Hope Mia’s baby is healthy and blessed!!!

Sydney Martin says:

Mia is me with the bug spray lol same though

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