Backyard zipline // How-To

Backyard zipline // How-To

I decided to make a zipline in my back yard “for my kids” 🙂
It’s a ton of fun and overall, a pretty quick and easy project!
For more info, and links to all of the parts you need, check out

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Prakash Meena says:

I made my brother subscribe yr channel, keep making these awesome stuff, especially these outdoor builds filled with nature, love 'em❤

david sanchez-cortes says:

At age 12 my cousin went on the zip line in his neighbors backyard and ended up falling and shattering his back he is now 20 years old walks with a cane and needs medical marijuana for his pain… If you choose to install this in your backyard please be aware of the risks for your children

David Sullivan says:

Great guide for anyone with 8 free hours, $5,000+ wood working equipment, and have never heard of Amazon.

ez icarus says:

He likes to make stuff

Ryanatboulder says:

You should never use those key chain carabiners for something like this, even for the bungee cord brake. I suggest you go to your local climbing or hardware store where you can buy bungee by the foot, as well as some steel carabiners.

Manifest Beyond Gravity says:


GrDov Wd says:

Like many on ILTMS channel, when you got hooked by one video, you get through SO MANY of them !
And it is very interesting how Bob had got better on his channel, not only as a Youtuber, but mainly as a person!! You can really see that having Josh with him really has helped him be more relaxed, more rested, more fun and smiling 🙂 Good for them !! … and for us !! Lucky we all are 😀

Just me says:

"do iit in your risk" -me making a zipline high 10 meters from the ground

Eric Koch says:

you can't just "make it longer" on 3/8" cable unless you mention the mathematics of zipline engineering….do the math, and you will not believe how much tension that cable will be under, and how inadequate that 3/8" cable really is at greater lengths….text book, it should also hold 4 times more load, ( minimum ) than it will typically ever see, just because it's an overhead application.

Adam nguyen says:

Your kids are really lucky to have a dad like you.

kinkfloydd says:

there is a major omission regarding using the clamps or what we would call "crosby" clamps due to crosby being a major mfg. I would recommend not buying chinese clamps since they are known for poor quality. The clamps have a saddle and they have a u section, as a retired marine rigger we used the phrase "you don't saddle a dead horse, so when making the eye around the tree, the saddle goes on the wire part that is used and not on the xcess wire. This is an important distinction since they can slip if you don't install right, you can also go to the distributer or mfg website to get the same advice on use.

Matthew J says:

Am I the only one that’s a kid watching this wanting a treehouse with a zip line I think I am like if I’m not the only one

Anna Sofia says:

whats a clamp set

Anna Sofia says:

im making this

Joseph LaRocca says:

I'm building this for the family I think I'm going to build two one over the pool and one over the trampoline thanks man!

Alexis R. Freeman ARF says:

Yo. I ain’t got any of these materials.

Ultimate Tech Hub says:

Who would give a thumbs down?? Great Video!

Tony Pham says:

Must have bigger backyard, Dallas, Tx this is not for you.

Sprinkelle says:

shows video to dad

but there is no dad

OC Run says:

Add a few gators to make it more exciting. Should zip it over the pool homie.

Mie Miepun Wichaidit says:

At the start your kids are swimming aww

Ruben says:

Nice video. U forgot to mention not to saddle a dead horse on the clamps. Some people might clamp it the wrong way

Leah Fox says:

Omg this video is so old. Aw. :3

Hope stewart says:

He sounds so depressed in this!

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