Barefoot Builders – Corvallis treehouse

Barefoot Builders – Corvallis treehouse

Barefoot Builders build a treehouse in Oregon!



dz non stop says:

so many lose of wood think to planting trees

dz non stop says:

so many lose of wood think to planting trees

andrea piro says:

what i would like to know is… how much between all the tools the woods and various material to build somehting like this?…
I always wondered cause no one made a video to "how to build it from zero without any money" like cutting trees etc..

Thái Vũ Minh says:

what is this song in vietnam i only know they are cover this song for pr gum candy 17:09

Diane The Wolfpanther says:

Love it 🙂 When can I move in? 😄


Please subscribe back. Tku

eric johnston says:

Any tree rot out, fall down and take tree house with it?

Bolor Cool says:

how much does it weigh? totall

Sketti Boi says:

where's the boyz2men music credit ???

Alan Wilson says:

Absolutely fantastic treehouse! Should'a hoisted the doggie up there and let him have a look around so he can smile and wag his tail.

Joseph Mcleod says:

the music gave me an eighties flashback

Rudi Nolasco says:

Muito jóia a cabana de vcs. Show

Maverick2ndAmendment says:

I listened till the end of the road. Great music.

Владимир Давыдов says:

Standart bilding technologes.

jennifer neal says:

WTH????? Sawing barefoot????? I hope your kids weren't watching!! Bad example!!!!!

geardriven says:

Pretty cool treehouse, guys. I'm a 30-year carpenter over here in Virginia. Last treehouse I built was when I was about 12 years old! 😀

cbrusharmy says:

How are those windows holding up, not having headers?
P.S. I actually liked the music.

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