Build a Modern Kids Treehouse

Build a Modern Kids Treehouse

We built our kids a modern style treehouse. This was a fun and easy build! Since we built the wall framing in the garage, it went together fast, and minimal ladder work.

More details and plans:



Benat Stolac says:

How much did it cost?

Nari Nicole says:

well i’m 13 now and always wanted a treehouse but my mom hasn’t really bothered to help me make one, plus neither of us have any building experience, but maybe i’ll try and make something like this someday!

Tobin S says:

just came across this, cutlist website.

Maria Chavez says:

I like all the nature sounds😌

Mandy Leeson says:

Great Mum… and Dad, sorry Jacob!. Love the bit where the little fella is busy unravelling the tape measure in the back of the truck and has a quick look around to make sure no-one is looking.

BJ Goodrich says:

Great to see the construction process on this ! Question: might it be a concern that all the 2x6s are fastened tight to the trees rather than one end having the flexibility to move as the tree moves in the wind?

Tim 57 says:

Very nice build and great parents to make time to do so.

Poor kids to be back in school already! 😉

Jim Rose says:

I'm calling bullshit. Most of the work was done by Dad.

Peter Langford says:

Good job guys.

Serena Gonzales says:

You guys are awesome, Mahalo

Happybidr says:

Are your kids in school now?? Why waste such decent weather?? I loved our treehouses as a kid. We mostly found ones that’s someone else had built deep in the woods.

x86cowboy says:

Is anyone going to ask how he got down from the roof? 🙂

Bonnie Bertrand says:

Love this, but the kid in me wants to see the inside!

Our tree fort was just a simple platform up in the trees, but with a neat pulley system rigged up to the house for secret messages 😊.
Kids will love this!!

Gary Nagle says:

What a great project for the kids! Might need some kind of a sign. “Grace’s Great Tree house”?

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